Winter sports - pleasure on ice and snow

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Swinging down the slope, best in fresh snow and a bright blue sky, in the background a magnificent mountain scenery, in tow the whole family. Skiing is still the most popular winter sport. Whether it is the movement, the nature experience or rather the sociable apres-ski in the foreground, is up to you all. Anyway, beginners are well advised when they visit the ski school. Cheaper option: someone from the circle of acquaintances or relatives, who passes on his skills. Incidentally, children are real natural talents when it comes to skiing. The younger, the better.

Fitness factor while skiing

Anyone who is on the slopes from morning to afternoon and completes one downhill after the other requires the entire leg muscles along with the upper body and shoulders. And the calorie consumption is considerable, provided you do not compensate for it too abundantly at the stop. The physical basis is a regularly performed ski gymnastics in advance.

Equipment important for ski fun

Skis, bindings, shoes and poles - you can borrow good equipment in case of doubt. This is not cheap, but has the advantage that you can try new models. Especially with children you should pay attention to a high-quality equipment and ski boots must fit exactly. Also important for young and old: warm, functional clothing.

Safety on skis

To avoid injury, proper preparation is essential, as the strain on the joints, especially the knees, is enormous. Sports scientists advise starting with strength and endurance training at least eight to ten weeks before the start of the season. In addition, hobby runners should not exaggerate in the first days on the slopes, instead warming up every day with a few squats and easy descents - this is also true after longer breaks. Also a must for children and recommended for parents: helmet on to the exit!



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