Reiki treatment


Behind Reiki hides a worldwide practiced method of relaxation, by many it is also used for healing. By the Japanese Sensei Mikao Usui the century-old tradition of Reiki was recultivated in the 20th century and has gained popularity to this day. Reiki is a Japanese word that is made up of the syllables "rei" for the mind or soul and "ki", the energy of life. This natural life energy, which should flow from the hands, is used in Reiki to treat humans, animals as well as plants.

Reiki for relaxation and well-being

With the help of Reiki, it should be possible to increase physical well-being, to prevent diseases and possibly also to supportively heal. The method is based on the idea that the universal life energy can be transferred to other living beings through the laying on of hands.

The one who uses Reiki, by the way, does not lose any energy of his own, but only provides the energy channel to the Reiki recipient.

Training in Reiki

A principle in Reiki is that every person has energy in his hands. Accordingly, it is also possible for anyone of any age to learn Reiki.

It exists three different degrees, which can be obtained by the guidance of a Reiki master.

First degree: basic education

The first degree is to be understood as a basic education. The focus is on the physical aspect. The Reiki Master opens the student's Reiki Channel through four so-called initiations.

With the attainment of the first degree, it is directly possible to pass on the healing powers to humans, animals and plants.

Second degree: mental training

After about three months, the second Reiki degree can be completed. In this degree, the mental aspect is in the foreground.

Here are also the specified symbols attained, which play an important role in Reiki. Symbols are understood as pictorial aids in Reiki, with the help of which energy can be purposefully achieved. Each symbol is accompanied by a matching mantra, a chant.

During the second degree up to three initiations take place. Now, the Reiki student should also have the ability to apply Reiki to themselves and perform remote treatments. He should now be able to fall back on all energy fields in Reiki.

Third degree: The astral area

The third degree includes at the same time the training for Reiki master. In the foreground, however, is above all the access to the astral area.

The inauguration in the third degree should also close the energetic circle. To gain the third degree, the two previous grades are compulsory as well as sufficient practice and experience with Reiki.

Even if a Reiki master has a lot of experience, he is not allowed to make any medical diagnoses.

Treatment in Reiki is varied

Reiki should be able to develop its effect in three different areas: on the physical, on the emotional as well as on the mental level. Possible effects of Reiki are on ...

... the physical level:

  • against pain
  • for the prevention of diseases
  • to promote blood circulation
  • to detoxify the body
  • antispasmodic

... the emotional level:

  • Blockages can be solved
  • leads to a holistic relaxation and balance
  • to promote the zest for life

... the mental level:

  • against stress
  • suitable for burnout
  • for relaxation
  • to promote concentration

Reiki as a way of life

In general, it is the Reiki the To activate self-healing powers. It is also used as a supportive during pregnancy and during and after birth. In the opinion of many Reiki masters, it is particularly well suited to the positive accompaniment in the deathbed and can allow a gentle letting go of the dying and his dying companion.

Even in professions that cost the practitioner a lot of energy, such as in the social field, such as in youth welfare or in nursing, Reiki is considered by his supporters as an ideal method, since new power can be supplied.

Medical effect not detected

Even though Reiki is now quite popular in our culture of life, it still has sharp critics who can not understand how Reiki should work.

So far, it has not yet been scientifically proven that Reiki actually has a medicinal effect, so it is counted among the alternative healing methods. Hard-core Reiki fans, on the other hand, do not see any method in Reiki, but they see it as a way of life.




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