Measure blood pressure: left or right?

Not a few people have different blood pressure values ​​between the right and left arm. Experts therefore recommend a comparison measurement on both arms. If a measurement difference of more than 10 mmHg is detected, the measurement should always be performed on the arm with the higher values. Low blood pressure differences of up to 10 mmHg between both upper arms have no pathological significance and occur more frequently in healthy people. The differences are usually due to a different muscle density or tension of the muscles of the upper arms.

For larger measurement differences consult a doctor

By contrast, larger differences in measurement between the arms may indicate anatomical or pathological features. The suspicion then suggests that supplying arteries are narrowed on the side with the lower values. In this case, patients should consult their doctor and have the exact causes clarified.

The right measurement technology

Hardly any physiological size fluctuates more than the blood pressure during the course of a day. Therefore, in order to be able to compare the measured values, the measurements should always be made at the same time and under comparable conditions. It is best to measure on an unclothed arm, if necessary a light shirt can be worn. When rolling up the sleeves, however, there should be no jamming bead.

The most important rule, however, is to take a break before taking a measurement and relax for a few minutes, as every effort or excitement raises blood pressure in the short term.



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