What is a soup coma?

It is a symptom that affects millions of people every day and for which there are hardly any remedies. From the office we rush into the canteen, treat ourselves to a nice meal of soup, main course and dessert, go back to the desk and are suddenly attacked by an unruly fatigue. Diagnosis: soup coma.
While everything went smoothly in the morning, concentration and motivation were high and the mountain work slowly dwindled, a sensible way of working now seems almost impossible. The eyes are heavy, the thoughts only circle around the cuddly sofa at home and even coffee can not do anything anymore.

Soup coma: Power nap can help

This is the soup coma, as well Schnitzel coma is known, a very natural phenomenon. After eating, the stomach uses a lot of blood to transport the broken nutrients into the liver. The result: The blood pressure drops, we are sleepy, limp and unpowered.

In addition, people generally generally in the afternoon between 13 and 14 clock have a biological power down. A nap would be twice as appropriate. Experts recommend a ten to twenty minute "power nap". This is usually enough to gather new energy and survive the soup coma. However, the nap should not last longer than 30 minutes, because then the circulation goes into the cellar and the drowsiness is stronger than before.

Avoid soup coma

Unfortunately, most bosses do not much like having their co-workers put their heads on their computer keyboards instead of their hands. Apart from that, the desk is not the most comfortable place to sleep. It is better to distract oneself from the fatigue of games such as crossword puzzles or quiz games with colleagues.

But if you want to avoid the soup coma, you do not have to keep a zero diet right away. It is enough, instead of hearty currywurst or fat pork knuckle to eat a light salad or - in fact - a soup. The soup is in fact wrongly suspected in the word soup coma. Easily digestible, low-fat foods do not require so much digestive digestion - so they also need less blood and give the body more energy.

A small digestive walk around the block after lunch has a similar effect to a nap. If the time or the boss does not even allow it, it can help to dispense with the elevator on the way back from the canteen and take the stairs. This gets the circulation going, provides the body with oxygen and gives the soup coma no chance.



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