Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, bacterial diseases have lost their terror. Today, there are more than 70 different antibiotic agents that can fight bacterial infections. Learn here about antibiotics.

Proper intake of antibiotics

However, the strongest antibiotic uses nothing if it is not taken properly. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points when taking antibiotics: Read the package leaflet before taking it for the first time or ask about the correct time to take your medicine when you are redeeming the prescription. It depends on the active ingredient used.

Some antibiotics are taken on an empty stomach, others need a few hours' distance from the previous meal. Still others are taken for food. There are no basic rules because the active ingredients used differ greatly.

Effect of antibiotics

An antibiotic should be used as long as prescribed by the doctor. Even if the symptoms have improved after one or two days, the medicine should be continued, because only then it can kill all bacteria. Surviving some germs, they become resistant, so insensitive to the antibiotic. The drugs will not work then. Even with too long taking an antibiotic could happen.

Milk can bind some antibiotics and prevent their effects. A sip of water is sufficient for Runterspülen but not, we recommend a whole glass.

Pay attention to interactions

Some antibiotics are not compatible with other medications such as birth control pills. Even medicines bought without a prescription can interfere with the effects of the antibiotics. Here the pharmacist knows.

Do not swallow any leftovers

In the medicine cabinet are still three tablets from last year? Always throw away such leftovers. Not all antibiotics work on every infection as the bacteria are different from each other. If you suspect an infection you should therefore consult a doctor.

After the antibiotic eat a lot of yogurt

If the doctor has prescribed antibiotics for a bacterial infection, you should eat a lot of yoghurt afterwards, as some antibiotics damage the natural intestinal flora. Diarrhea can be the result. Yogurt contains many lactic acid bacteria that can help rebuild the gut flora. Supportive in the pharmacy there are yeast preparations. This is how the intestinal flora gets fit quickly.



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