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The thyroid nestles with its two wing-shaped lobes like a protective shield around the trachea. It weighs a little more than a modern cell phone and stores the thyroid hormones in its three million follicles. From the back her four Epithelkörperchen nestle. These parathyroid glands are each the size of a wheat grain and produce a hormone that is essential for calcium levels.

Symptoms of disorders of thyroid function

Changes in size of the thyroid gland do not necessarily cause discomfort. It usually comes to symptoms only when the function is impaired and too much or too little thyroid hormones are formed.

But even then the diagnosis is often not easy: Since their messengers affect many different metabolic processes, disorders of the thyroid gland are characterized by different and quite unspecific symptoms, such as

  • Changes in weight and bowel habits
  • difficulty concentrating
  • depressive moods
  • Skin and hair problems
  • heart problems

Sometimes it comes later to dysphagia, respiratory problems or hoarseness.

Dysfunction of the parathyroid glands

Even dysfunction of the parathyroid glands leads - if at all - to nonspecific complaints such as nausea and vomiting, stomach pains and depressive mood or to symptoms that suggest other organs, such as cardiac arrhythmias, bone pain and kidney stones.

Recognize thyroid problems

Through targeted questioning of the patient to his medical history (medical history), the described symptoms can lead the doctor already on the right track.

Of importance are not only the current symptoms - where, when and how often they occur, whether they have started suddenly or have persisted and if there are other complaints - but also past or existing diseases, previous operations, radiation or accidents, medications taken and diseases in the family.

Even the gynecologist sometimes has to think about the possibility of a thyroid disorder - it can be the cause of an unfulfilled desire for children.



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