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  • This helps against cellulite (orange peel)
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The summer lures and with it short, fashionable clothes. Unfortunately, the pleasure is often clouded, because on thighs and buttocks show in many women unsightly dents - cellulite. Nine out of ten of the over 30s are affected by the "orange peel". Cellulite or cellulitis is not a disease, but a cosmetic problem - for the affected women often only a small consolation.

Cellulite can be combated

But even for those affected, there is a way to melt the unwanted fat deposits. However, it requires discipline and stamina to strengthen the weak connective tissue and build muscle.

Through regular exercise and a healthy diet cellulite can be reduced. Additional massages and the proper care of the skin help to prevent the development of further dents.

Special connective tissue structure in women

The bumps that are perceived as unattractive develop almost exclusively in women. This is related to the specific structure of the female connective tissue and the structure of the skin: The female dermis and dermis is thinner than in men, the fat cells in the subcutis are thicker and only loosely networked by the connective tissue.

Thus, Mother Nature ensures that women during pregnancy can adapt flexibly to the changed situation - the growing belly, the loosening of the pelvis for childbirth. This is also the reason that in many women the cellulite first occurs after pregnancy.

Development of cellulite

Cellulite arises when too many fat molecules stored in the fat cells. The cells enlarge, push upwards and become visible from the outside as dents. The enlarged cells also compress the adjacent blood and lymph vessels. As a result, the tissue fluid accumulates and the supply of the cells is impaired. Slags are no longer transported away and settle in the tissue.

The following factors favor the development of cellulite:

  • estrogens, The female sex hormones promote the formation of fat cells and water retention, the tissue is even softer - a disadvantage when taking birth control pills.
  • Also stress bloat the fat cells and favors cellulite.
  • Smoke also promoting cellulite, because the nicotine consumption weakens the connective tissue.

What helps against cellulite?

Since cellulite starts in the lower layers of the skin, the problem with the superficial application of creams and ointments can not be remedied in an advanced stage. Only the combination of proper nutrition, skin care, massage and exercise helps fight cellulite.



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