How is sideways created?

Side stitching on the left side, side stitching on the right or on both sides at the same time can not be avoided when jogging. But what is behind it? Sideways - also known as side stitches - is a fairly harmless pain, but it can become so strong while running that you have to interrupt your movement. Most of the time you have these problems in sports, but sometimes without much effort. The exact cause of side punctures is not clear.

Side stitching: cause not clear

A common theory is that sideways puncture by a decreased blood flow to the diaphragm in extreme conditions (fast running, running, jogging) arises. Because the diaphragm plays an important role in breathing. According to the theory it comes by increased breathing as a result of the sporting activity to increased stress on the diaphragm. It is not sufficiently supplied with oxygen.

Another explanatory approach assumes that the Spleen swells through physical activity and it thereby comes to an expansion of the peritoneum. This stretching could trigger the unpleasant feeling of side stitching.

Further explanatory notes

Other possibilities for creating side stitches are:

  • the lack of supply of liver and spleen by the redistribution of the blood (increased circulation of the muscles) and consequent deformations of these organs
  • Over-stimulation of the nerves on the back
  • Tension of the abdominal muscles
  • an extension of the intestinal walls
  • a wrong (bent) posture of the spine while walking

Another cause of side stitching may be in the irregular breathing lie. Therefore, one should choose while running his pace so that you can still talk without effort. It is also advisable to start quietly and then increase the pace.

Diet can favor side piercing

Another important factor can be the diet. If you often suffer from side-kicking while jogging, you should follow the rule of thumb and try it out to avoid side-kicking: do not eat solid food two to three hours before training.

Foods such as cheese, meat, cereals or whole grains even require a four-hour lead time before these foods are no longer in the stomach and complicate the running training.

Side Piercing: What to do?

What works best against stabbing, everyone has to find out for themselves. But there are some tips that you can try:

  • Walk slowly and in a steady rhythm, watch for a steady breathing, breathe deeply into the abdomen.
  • Press with your fist on the painful area, bend the upper body slightly forward, and release with the exhale.

In conclusion, it remains to be said that everyone must determine their own limits, so that sport and exercise do not become ordeal but fun.



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