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The active ingredient minoxidil belongs to the drug class of antihypertensives. Active substances belonging to this class all have a hypotensive effect. However, Minoxidil is used primarily against hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). The active ingredient can slow down or stop hair loss. In some cases, the growth of head and beard hair can even be stimulated. As with any other drug but also with Minoxidil side effects should be considered.

Minoxidil stops the hair loss

Minoxidil products are primarily used to treat hereditary hair loss in men and women. Depending on the sex, the dosage of the active ingredient varies. Women typically use lower-dose products than men. Minoxidil seems to be particularly effective in men between 18 and 49 years of age.

In men Minoxidil is used for hereditary hair loss in the tonsure area. However, the bare areas should not be larger than ten centimeters. The smaller the affected area, the better results can usually be achieved. Whether receding hairline can be pushed back by Minoxidil, there is still no secured knowledge. So far, the use is recommended only at the back of the head. In women Minoxidil can be a hereditary hair loss in the apex area be stopped.

In addition to the growth of the main hair is supposed to be stimulated by the active ingredient and the beard growth. Regular use of the beard should grow back stronger and smaller gaps in the beard should be closed. However, scientific studies are still pending.

Hereditary hair loss can be delayed by the use of Minoxidil in about 70 to 80 percent of cases. In about 30 percent of those affected, a renewed hair growth, but only at ten percent of those affected leads to a satisfactory result. However, the goal of the treatment is primarily to slow down or stop hair loss and not in stimulating hair growth.

Minoxidil lowers blood pressure

Minoxidil is not only used for the treatment of hair loss, but also as a hypotensive agent. For the treatment of hypertension, however, the active ingredient is only used if treatment with other drugs does not work. This is because Minoxidil, when taken orally, can have many side effects.

Therefore, the drug is used only in refractory hypertension. Therapy-resistant means that the maximum dose of other antihypertensive drugs has not been sufficiently successful in triple combination.

This is how Minoxidil works

The active ingredient ensures that the blood vessels expand. This happens because it leads to a relaxation of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. The dilated vessels pump blood through the vessels with less pressure and lower blood pressure.

For the growth of the hair, the blood circulation around the roots of the hair is crucial. How exactly Minoxidil affects our hair is not yet fully understood. However, it is believed that by using the blood vessels at the lower end of the hair root expand and the improved blood circulation, the hair can be better supplied with blood and nutrients again.

In addition, by Minoxidil but also the DNA synthesis in the hair cells to be stimulated. This ensures that the rate of cell division increases and hair grows stronger than before.

Application of Minoxidil

If the drug is used to treat high blood pressure, the drug is taken orally. The exact dosage of Minoxidil should always be discussed with the attending physician. As a rule, the dose is increased until a drop in blood pressure occurs or the maximum permissible dose is reached. When ingested, it should be noted that Minoxidil should normally only be used in combination with a beta-blocker or a diuretic.

If Minoxidil is used to treat hereditary hair loss, the active ingredient is applied to the scalp in the form of a solution or foam and gently rubbed in. It is important that the active ingredient is applied directly to the scalp and not on the hair.

Care should be taken during administration to ensure that the tincture does not come into contact with the eyes or the mucous membranes. In addition, the use of the drug should always be monitored by a doctor. Products for the treatment of hair loss can be bought without prescription in any pharmacy.

If treatment with Minoxidil is successful, first successes will be achieved after about three to four months. It takes about a year to reach the optimal result. If the application is stopped, it may happen that the hair loss starts again after three to four months.



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