Cucumbers: low-calorie slimming products

Cucumbers are a welcome refreshment, especially in summer, because their high water content provides our bodies with plenty of fluids. The high water content also ensures that cucumbers have only a few calories. The healthy slimming products may therefore be enjoyed in larger quantities and also during diets without feeling guilty. Because of the vitamins and minerals contained in cucumbers you also do something good for your body with each slice of cucumber.

Cucumbers: Healthy thirst quencher

The cucumber plant (Cucumis sativus) belongs to the cucurbitaceae family. Basically, two different subgroups are distinguished: the cucumber, which is also known as snake cucumber, and the inlay cucumber. The fruits of the cucumber can grow up to 60 centimeters long and weigh 500 grams.

Cucumbers are an extremely healthy vegetable. 100 grams of raw cucumber contain only about twelve calories. This makes cucumber one of the foods with the least calories. The low calorie count is mainly due to the high water content, which is around 95 percent. Especially those who tend to drink too little in the summer can do a lot with a piece of cucumber.

In addition to the high water content, the cucumber is still composed of 3.5 percent carbohydrates and very small amounts of protein and fats. In particular, vitamins from the B group are present in the cucumber, but also vitamin C and vitamin E. In the minerals, the cucumber is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Incidentally, to preserve the valuable vitamins and minerals, you should consume the cucumber with the skin, because the vitamins are mainly in the shell. However, when buying the cucumber, make sure the bowl is untreated.

Other ingredients of the cucumber

Cucumber ingredients also include peptidases - enzymes that can cleave proteins. These enzymes make it easier to digest protein-containing products such as meat. The enzymes also ensure that bacteria in the intestine are killed and thus cause a cleansing of the intestine.

Cucumbers are one of the alkaline foods and thus help to break down acids in the body. It helps to balance the acid-base balance of the body. A healthy acid-base balance, for example, ensures that we are protected against rheumatism and gout.

Even with swollen legs or feet, cucumbers can help, as they have a dehydrating function. In addition, the consumption of cucumbers is also recommended in diabetes, because the ingredients of the cucumber can lower the blood sugar level.

Healthy recipes with cucumber

If you are looking for a simple cucumber recipe, it's best to make a delicious cucumber salad. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and place in a bowl. Then add a dressing of natural yoghurt, vinegar, oil and a dash of lemon juice and season with salt, pepper and a little sugar. Lift a chopped bunch of dill under the mixture and mix the sauce with the cucumbers.

If you want to try something different, you can also make a soup with cucumber instead of a cucumber salad or treat yourself to a glass of healthy cucumber juice. And if you like it exotic, you can be inspired by the Indian cuisine: In the country of origin of the cucumber, the green vegetables are also used in chutneys or curries.

Cucumbers refresh our skin

You can not only eat cucumbers, but also make great use of wellness treatments. The mask is not only popular for its relaxing effect, but also because it can be easily made at home. If you do not have much time, but still want to do something good, you can just put finely sliced ​​cucumber slices on the face and eye area. Since the cucumber slices have a cooling effect, the mask can also have a pain-relieving effect on sunburns.

If you want to create a professional cucumber mask, puree half a cucumber and mix the resulting cucumber water with three tablespoons of natural yoghurt or quark. Then the cucumber mask is applied to the face and allowed to act for 20 minutes. Thereafter, the mask is washed off with lukewarm water again.

Cucumber masks are suitable for all skin types and provide the skin with plenty of moisture. This makes the skin look younger and firmer. Even in the fight against pimples and blackheads, a cucumber mask is an effective tool.



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