Tips in summer heat

After a long, gloomy winter, we all look forward to the sun again laughing. "Finally summer" is when the thermometer climbs up. But if the temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius, the circulation in many people gets to their knees and the heart starts to groan. People with cardiovascular problems are often plagued by tiredness, dizziness or muscle cramps during the heat. But a few simple tips help to enjoy the summer carefree.

Cause of physical discomfort in the heat

The reason for the physical discomfort in the heat is that in high heat our Dilate vessels. This dissipates more heat through the skin and we start to sweat. As a result, less blood is available to the circulatory system in the body to maintain blood pressure.

Therefore, the heart must pump more, as in the wide-set vessels more blood "collapsed" - so double work for our engine. For people with a compromised cardiovascular system, this can quickly become a dangerous burden.

Drinking a lot is the motto

Anyone who does not want to get tired in the heat must therefore keep the fluid loss due to sweating as low as possible and drink a lot. Basically, a daily fluid intake of at least 1.5 liters is recommended, on hot summer days, the body may need three to four times the amount!

But it's also important to drink the right thing. Because when you sweat large amounts of sodium chloride, magnesium and other salts are lost, which must be returned to the body. Well suited are for example mineral water or fruit juices.

You should better keep your fingers off alcohol. Although a cold beer quenches the thirst in the short term, alcohol expands the blood vessels and removes fluid from the systemic circulation in the longer term - an additional burden on the organism.

Fresh appetizers instead of fat giant portions

It is also important to adapt the eating habits to the summer heat: Better to take many small than a few sumptuous meals. Ideal is the so-called Mediterranean diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For lunch, for example, a simple salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers on the menu, plus a little lemon and olive oil. And when grilling in the evening instead of pork knuckle, pancetta and sausage rather poultry or fish should come over the embers.

Exercise even in the summer

Excessive physical activity in the heat also puts a strain on the heart and circulation. But just lazily lying in the corner, is just as little announced - after all, movement brings our circulation on tours. However, you should move sports activities on hot days on the early morning or late evening. Recommended are walks in the woods or a small bike ride, in which one of the wind blowing refreshing around the nose.

Driving in the summer heat?

Temperatures up to 70 ° C are not uncommon in the vehicle interior without air conditioning. Under heat stress, the heart rate increases, it comes to premature fatigue and dizziness and thus prolonged reaction times. The result: The accident frequency increases in the heat by up to 20 percent!

Who goes on a long trip in the summer, should therefore necessarily more often take small breaks and ventilate the car well. To keep the circulation going you should take enough drinks with you on your journey.

Important: Children or people who are severely weakened should never be left behind in a parked vehicle in the heat, even for a short time. This also applies to animals.

4 tips on heat in the summer

  1. Do you drink much! The best are mineral water mixed juices or herbal teas. Important: Drinks should not be enjoyed ice cold.
  2. Airy clothes are trumps. Light, lightweight fabrics made from natural fibers prevent heat build-up, keep a cool head with a hat or cloth.
  3. Keep your home well tempered: ventilate well in the morning and in the evening and keep shutters and blinds closed during the day.
  4. If the heat still plagues you, give cold water to run over the inside of your wrists or a cool forearm and foot bath for a quick refreshment.



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