Wellness hotels with class - How to find the right hotel for a relaxing holiday

Wellness and travel can be wonderfully combined. Escape the stress, come to other thoughts, be pampered and recharge your batteries - Wellness has been popular with young and old for years. Anyone looking for the terms wellness holiday, relaxing holiday or spa hotel on the Internet, will come across a variety of different providers. Whether short trips, a wellness week or even longer stays all about wellness, the question always arises: How can the right wellness hotel be found, so that planned wellness does not suddenly become a spa? We give in this article practical tips for the right choice of a hotel for your well-deserved spa vacation!

Wellness: well-being and well-being

Wellness means well-being and well-being. Stress, restlessness and hecticness have no place in wellness. In the opposite part. The aim of wellness is pure relaxation, to find your own balance and to lead the body to new energies. The term wellness in German is not protected, just as the numerous offers around wellness. Whether wellness yoghurt, wellness shower gel or wellness bread - not all products and services that contain the word wellness are really shaped by and with wellness.

Quality seal for wellness hotels?

If you are looking for a spa hotel for a short trip or a holiday of several weeks, you should inform yourself about the hotel and its wellness offers before you book. Because there is no universally valid quality seal for wellness. Although there are some quality stamps in circulation, such as the German Wellness Association, which are awarded only after prior examination to the respective hotel.

However, since there are several quality labels with different focuses of the exam, a wellness symbol does not necessarily mean that it is a wellness hotel, which personally promised and fulfills wishes for a successful wellness holiday.

Own idea of ​​wellness

First of all, one should ask oneself what is important for a planned wellness trip. After these criteria the suitable hotel is to be selected. Even if wellness is associated with relaxation for every individual, the type that leads to relaxation, however, varies from person to person. Do I value certain spa treatments? Not every spa hotel has Hot Stone, Ayurveda, Pilates, Singing Bowl Massage or yoga offers in its program. Insofar as it is already certain in advance with which wellness treatment relaxation should be achieved, it should be checked in advance whether it is also offered.

Medical Wellness as a feature

Medical Wellness is a manifestation of wellness, which are offered by wellness hotels with specialist accompaniment of wellness. Wellness treatment in the context of medical wellness can promote health and well-being increasingly. Furthermore, sports and wellness are a successful combination for the entire organism and a healthy body. Another combination is the combination of wellness and cosmetics, which is offered by some spa hotels. No matter which path of relaxation you want to take, certain criteria should meet every hotel to live up to its title as a spa hotel.

Wellness hotel: quality and offer

The days when a hotel that has a sauna and a swimming pool can justify itself as a wellness hotel are long gone. Wellness means more and is related to the complete wellness offer in the hotel. A first class wellness hotel convinces the holidaymaker with a wide range of wellness services. Of course, the quality of each treatment plays an important role. A generous sauna area with several saunas as well as at least one swimming pool of adequate size are a good thing at a wellness hotel.

Nutrition in the wellness hotel

Also important is the food. An excellent kitchen is indispensable in a wellness hotel. Ready meals should be taboo. Of course, fresh vegetables, fruits and an easily digestible diet. A kitchen in a spa hotel should be able to easily meet the needs and wishes of specific dietary directions, such as for guests who suffer from diabetes or indulge in vegetarianism. So that you can really relax as you wish, it can be helpful to take a close look at the price-performance ratio in advance.

Price-performance ratio in wellness hotels

Cheap overnight stays, however, where wellness treatments and meals as well as the visit of the sauna as extra costs are booked, are often overpriced. For offers, from which it is not clear which wellness services are really included, it is advisable to ask for details before booking. This is the only way to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises when you are vacationing in a spa hotel.



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