Relaxed eyes and a beautiful eye area

Almost everyone knows strained or tired eyes. Automatically, we then start to rub our eyes or even to squeeze them lightly. This method is just right - with a small massage we can look relaxed again into the world. Many of us spend much of our time in the office - with dry air and often a lot of stress. For this we sit for hours in front of the computer, eyes fixed on the keyboard and the screen. No wonder our eyes are often strained.

5 tips for relaxed eyes

  • While working on the screen blink do not forget! Because that keeps the cornea moist and protects the eyes.
  • When working with the screen, it's always a short one pause Insert. Close your eyes during the breaks and gently massage the eyelids with your fingertips. Then open your eyes wide and circle first in one direction, then in the other direction.
  • Relaxing also works the so-called palming: Place your scalloped palms over your closed eyes so that light does not come in (do not close your nose) and leave them for as long as you feel comfortable. Try to imagine the color black - this enhances the effect. Relax consciously not only the eyes, but also face and shoulders.
  • Periodically the Let your eyes wander - The change between near and far vision supports the eye muscles.
  • Pay attention to your diet - the absence of certain vitamins May cause red, inflamed, tearing, and painful eyes, as well as poor vision at dusk. Vitamin A is the indispensable substance for healthy eyes; its precursor, beta-carotene, exists in yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables. Equally important to the eyes is vitamin C, which promotes blood circulation and strengthens blood vessel walls. This is abundant in kiwis, citrus fruits, hot peppers, sea buckthorn and rosehips. Vitamin B2 is also an eye vitamin and can be found especially in milk, cheese, poultry, liver, wheat germ and wheat bran.

Massage of the eye area

To detoxify the eye area as well as to alleviate wrinkles and puffiness, the following massage techniques are suitable. They should all be exercised with light pressure:

  • to Refreshment of the eye: Just lightly stroke your fingers over your eyelids.
  • to swelling: Apply pressure with your fingertips.
  • to purification and Milding of wrinkles: For the first time with the fingertips from the inner eyelid to the outside in a clockwise direction perform rapid knocking movements around the eye. Then use the same method counterclockwise.
  • to Relaxation of the eyes: Place thumb in the inner corner of the eye over the eyeball. Drive with gentle pressure below the brow from the inside out. Repeat several times.

Eye shadows and bags

The skin around our eyes is thin and quite sensitive. Dark circles under the eyes and swelling or sagging of the eyelid under the eyes do not contribute to our mental well-being. Such bags are especially due to fatigue or arousal, in the days before and during menstruation and menopause increased, but can also be a result of internal diseases. They are either genetic or due to a sporadic lymph congestion, where too much fluid remains in the tissue.

In some people, fat deposits under the eyes, which then shimmer through whitish. To reduce fluid retention, you can detoxifying measures and special eye care products be tried.

4 Tips for Avoiding Eye Bags

  • Not too flat and best to sleep with the windows open. Turn off the heating and air conditioning.
  • Drink a lot! Drink at least two liters of water or herbal tea daily. This stimulates the kidney activity and promotes the removal of slag.
  • Professional lymph drainage pamper the face and help to a relaxed eye area.
  • Maintain the eye area regularly with eye gel or balm.

Protect your eyes!

Remember to protect your eyes. Some skin needs special care and intensive care. And you should also protect your eyes from the sun. With sunglasses and proper eye care you can make everyone's eyes beautiful.



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