Apple juice, apple spritzer and Co.

The Germans hold the world record in drinking juice: every year, there are more than 40 liters of fruit juice, which each of us drinks. Apple juice is our most popular fruit juice drink with an annual consumption of about 13 liters. Apple juice tastes pure and is healthy - as a thirst quencher, however, it is less suitable. Because: Pure apple juice has a high content of fruit sugar (100 grams per liter) and therefore also many calories, namely up to 550 kilocalories. Apple juice also contains fruit acids that are not well tolerated by some.

Fitnessdrink apple juice spritzer

It is better to mix the apple juice with mineral water and to meet the thirst with an apple juice spritzer. Apple spritzer tastes fruity tingling and compensates for fluid loss. A spritz of 1 part apple juice and 3 parts mineral water is an optimal composition. The mineral water should best have a high content of minerals like sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Apple juice spritzer is a natural fitness drink and energy source. The apple juice contained in the Schorle naturally contains fruit and grape sugar as an energy source, refreshing fruit acids, potassium, vitamins and other healthy ingredients. Its carbohydrates get into the blood quickly and get the body and our gray cells on their toes. Thus, the refreshing drink during long meetings or during car trips can improve both the memory as well as the ability to concentrate and react.

A constant blood sugar level can also prevent food cravings. A Schorle is also suitable as a refreshing drink for sweaty temperatures and sweaty activities: Athletes therefore swear by the mixed drink just as children and motorists do.

Dear apple or juice ...

Apple juice spritzer is a good thirst quencher. The mineral water compensates for fluid losses and leads to important minerals, the carbohydrates from the apple juice contribute to the stabilization of blood sugar.

But: a full-fledged replacement for an apple are not apple juice and apple spritzer. Because in a fresh apple are phytochemicals and important fiber to find. First and foremost, this is the pectin that sits under the shell, which is good for our cholesterol level. Apples should therefore not be peeled.

Danger of caries through apple juice and apple spritzer

Although pure apple juice does not contain any added sugar - caries bacteria also like the fruit's own sugar. They process it into acid, which softens the protective enamel. The natural acid contained in the apple juice also damages the tooth enamel as it lowers the ph value in the saliva.

Even the diluted form, apple juice spritzer, is hardly tooth friendly than pure apple juice - even with a mixing ratio of two parts of water and one part of apple juice. Since children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay, they should not "suckle" apple juice or apple spritzer out of the bottle.

Nature cloudy - what does that mean?

For the production of a naturally cloudy juice, selected and washed apples are ground into mash in a mill and the juice is extracted from them in fruit presses. To make it germ-free and durable, the juice is briefly heated to about 85 degrees (pasteurized). This process produces naturally cloudy (unfiltered) apple juice or apple juice with pulp.

Natural cloudy juices look as if they have just been pressed fresh. But without the use of tools it is not here. To prevent the settling of the pulp on the ground, z. B. enzymes added. Nevertheless: Naturally cloudy juice is often more natural than clear juice, because this is mostly reconstituted from concentrate. Conversely, juices from concentrate are more stable to taste.

So much is in fruit juice & Co

Wineries first process apples into juice, which is the basis for all other juices. There are about seven apples (1.5 kilograms) in one liter of juice.

Apple juice: 100% (juice or fruit juice from concentrate)

Apple juice always contains 100% fruit content, regardless of whether it is a so-called "juice" or "fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate". The concentrate is obtained by gently removing water under vacuum. In the case of reconstitution of concentrate to apple juice, only those substances that have been removed (water and own aroma concentrates) may be recycled. In quality and taste, juice from concentrate is indistinguishable from directly bottled apple juice. However, much more energy is needed in the production of concentrate than is the case with direct juice. In addition, many concentrates come from low-cost suppliers from abroad.

Apple nectar: ​​50% apple juice portions

An apple nectar must contain at least 50 percent apple juice. However, unlike pure apple juice, nectar contains a high amount of added sugar and is therefore not a lower calorie alternative.

Fruit juice drink: 30% apple juice portions

Apple juice drinks may seem cheaper than apple juice at first glance. However, they consist of only 30 percent fruit juice, the rest is water, mostly sweetened.

Apple spritzer - mixed by yourself: depending on the mixing ratio

Apple spritzer can be mixed in different proportions. The mixture of pure apple juice with water is always better than nectar and fruit juice drink.



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