What are corns?

No, a corn-eye (Klavus or Clavus) is not a third eye that suddenly grows on the hand or foot. Rather, corns are cone-shaped thickenings of the cornea that grow inward. In the center of this round corneal proliferation is usually a yellowish horn wedge, which shines through glassy and looks like the pupil of a small eye.

Remove corns yourself?

The deeper the horn wedge reaches into the tissue, the more painful the corn-eye is. As the cornea in a corn-corpse grows ever deeper into the tissue over time, the growth should be treated as early as possible. Basically, people who tend to corns should take precautionary care of a good foot care and regularly remove the cornea. These include diabetics or persons suffering from circulatory disorders, osteoarthritis or sore and splayfoot.

If, however, it comes to corns, usually enough in the early stages, a treatment with pills or tinctures from the pharmacy containing salicylic acid. If the corn has already penetrated deep into the tissue, often a visit to the doctor, sometimes even a surgical procedure, inevitable. To treat corns, home remedies such as lemon juice, onion slices and vinegar are also suitable.

How do corns emerge?

As corns develop from cornea, they usually develop in places where bones or solid substances rub against the skin, ie on the sides of the toes, on the toe joints and the finger joints. Too tight or incorrect footwear and poor foot care, the cornea can be always thicker and proliferate into corns. The remedy is usually the regular removal of the cornea with a pumice or professional foot care.

Corn or Wart?

Corns are often mistaken for warts. The distinction is actually quite simple: Corns usually have a smooth surface, as they rather grow into the depth of the tissue. Besides, you usually suffer from pressure. Warts, on the other hand, usually grow upward and show up as a distinct elevation on the skin. Warts sometimes cause no, sometimes itchy pain. In contrast to corns, warts have no "pupil", so no yellow, translucent core.

Warts and corns are also distinctly different in their development: warts are caused by viral infections, and corns are created by friction and thickening of the cornea.

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