New Year's Eve: Healthy New Year

The Germans and the Romans celebrated the festivities at the turn of the year. The name New Year's Eve used in Germany is the feast day of the first holy pope of history, who did not suffer a martyrdom. To ensure that the New Year's Eve party does not turn into a martyr for you on your name day, you should pay close attention to the following to avoid accidents and dangers and greet the New Year with a happy, carefree New Year's Eve party. Because while according to statistics on New Year's Eve before 22.00 clock relatively little happened, the emergency rooms are then habitually full.

New Year's Eve: Stay away from home-made rockets

What would New Year's Eve be without fireworks? Originally should be expelled with this evil spirits. But from the colorful and loud spectacle can easily develop a nightmare - especially young people try again and again, to tinker with New Year's Eve. Often these attempts go awry: Torn fingers or hands as well as burn injuries up to the death sequence are the result. Also, hearing damage and eye injuries are just as typical as dangerous New Year's Eve injuries.

But it is not only self-produced bangers that harbor risks, but missiles without approval from the authorities should also be left in the supermarket.

Rules of conduct for the fireworks

On New Year's Eve, make sure that the bottle or vessel from which the rocket is launched can not fall over. A sufficiently large safety distance is indispensable for humans, animals as well as buildings or cars - it is not uncommon to see apartment fires on New Year's Eve due to misguided Böller.

Children should always be supervised and fall back under guidance only on frogs and sparklers. Duds belongs to disposed of, and not lit again. Especially with young people an enlightening conversation should be conducted, because this age group is often incited to unreasonable behavior - especially when alcohol is involved.

Smoke-free into the new year

One of New Year's most common intentions is to quit smoking. In itself, the time is right for a cigarettes-free start again, especially since you will certainly find many fellow sufferers who join the project. The disadvantage is that especially on New Year's Eve many casual smokers use the exuberant mood and to celebrate the day like to accept the offered cigarette or treat yourself to a cigar.

Those who are serious about New Year's Eve intentions should celebrate with non-smokers or benefit from the ban on public festivities.

On New Year's Eve pop the corks

The same is true of alcohol: Classic sparkling wine is used to kick off the New Year. But often it is not on New Year's Eve with a glass. Many are so drunk at midnight that they are no longer able to deal responsibly with blasts. Anyone who feels clearly drunk should therefore rather not fire missiles on New Year's Eve. Since the reactivity is significantly reduced, it is easy to keep a blast in the hand too long.

Under the influence of alcohol, major public parties and brawls occur again and again on larger, public New Year's Eve parties. Anyone who realizes that the mood is changing, should therefore better retire from the turmoil and look for a quiet place. Occasionally, there is so much alcohol flowing among young people on New Year's Eve that alcohol poisoning is imminent and the evening ends in the hospital. In order not to let it get so far, you should not drink on an empty stomach and not wild mess - and above all to know his limits.

5 Tips to Prevent a Hangover - © istockphoto, craftvision

After the New Year's Eve party

In addition, you should think in advance about whether to spend the New Year's Eve celebration with his host, a car pool or how it is ordered to a special timetable of public transport systems on New Year's Eve. Also the number of the taxi call should best be stored in the mobile phone before leaving for the party.

Driving should only be done if you remain absolutely sober - even small amounts of alcohol impair your ability to react, even before you realize it yourself. Add to that tiredness, bad weather, slippery roads, shards on the road and not least many drunken pedestrians.

One night stand on New Year's Eve

Some may not know how to get back to their own home. But if you want to end New Year's Eve in a strange bed, it is best to use condoms to avoid a rude awakening the next day.

Research also shows that more and more young people often have unprotected traffic. Statistics show that sexually transmitted diseases are also on the rise in the industrialized countries. The HIV infection rate is also rising year by year, and treatment is far from good enough to be carefree.

New Year's Eve and hearing

New Year's Eve is often a special burden on the ears: loud music and in particular too close exploded bangs cause tinnitus, burst drum fields or other, sometimes irreparable hearing damage. Children are most at risk because they are unaware of the danger and young people because they quickly become reckless. Last but not least animals suffer from the blast on New Year's Eve.

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