Purifying honey massage

Honey is popular as a sweet treat in children and adults. But honey can not only be used as a delicious food, for thousands of years, the golden yellow bee product is also used in cosmetics and in treatments of natural medicine. A massage with honey is beneficial for the whole body and at the same time conjures up a velvety-tender skin.

Honey as a remedy

Fancy sensual-sweet wellness? At the same time, you also want to rid your body of wastewater, maintain it high-quality and get your organism going? This combination sounds contradictory at first, but it is by no means. A honey massage has a long tradition in many cultures and is used primarily for detoxification and detoxification of the body as well as for holistic relaxation.

Through a targeted technique during the massage namely the ingredients of honey can be absorbed directly through the pores of the skin in the body. This can promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism. The high-quality ingredients that are contained in honey, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fructose and free amino acids, allowing direct access into the skin. In addition, honey contains acetylcholine. This tissue hormone is said to have a positive effect on the kidneys, intestine and heart.

Effect of honey during a massage

But how exactly does a massage with honey work? After all, honey is not a medicine. But in combination with certain massage strokes and a stimulation of reflex zones, the numerous properties of honey can lead to relaxation and have a positive effect on the health. The honey massage can be applied to the whole body, but usually the back is processed with this massage.

In order for the honey to achieve the desired effect, the treatment area is first thoroughly cleaned. Then warm, liquid honey is painted over the body. Just the liquid, warm honey in contact with the skin, can trigger a wonderful calming and relaxing effect. Among other things by the heat, but also by the massage handles, the skin pores can open, the honey can reach the various layers of skin and unfold there.

Targeted grips within this massage can stimulate the metabolism and remove slag, salts and toxins from the body. Not recommended is the honey massage for a tumor, infectious diseases and open wounds. In a honey allergy absolute abandonment of the honey massage is advisable. During pregnancy, medical advice should be sought prior to the treatment of a honey massage.

Soothing ingredients in honey

The honey massage is part of the apitherapy. This refers to treatments that are carried out with bee products. The important thing when choosing honey is that the honey is thrown cold, because then it is also rich in ingredients.

In addition, a honey should be used, which is chemically unloaded. If these properties are true, it is ultimately up to the masseur or naturopath and his experience to decide what kind of honey he chooses. This special massage is wonderful for stress, while maintaining the skin and is pure wellness.



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