Calories at the Christmas market

The Christmas market season with all its temptations: Fragrant roasted almonds, fresh lard and hot steaming mulled wine. Christmas market visits with friends and colleagues raise the mood in the dark season and increase the anticipation of the festival. But most specialties at the Christmas market contain a lot of sugar and fat and unfortunately exclude feasting without regrets. So that not every bite lands on the hips, there are many tips on how to handle the worst sins.

Christmas calories at a glance

On the Christmas market, the culinary delights compete not only for the favor of customers, but also for the first place on the calorie table:

  • The 200 gram heavy, decorated with colorful sugar script gingerbread heart is at the forefront with 860 calories, followed by the classic roasted almonds, Even a small 100 gram bag contains 513 calories.
  • A big bratwurst (200 grams) beats at around 600 calories.
  • Alcohol is also rich: a cup mulled wine with rum, for example, contains 230 calories. Those who hold back while drinking something, not only pay attention to health and figure, but also avoids the risk of being attracted by excessive alcohol consumption unpleasant.

Christmas market: calories and fat content

In addition to the calorie count, Christmas market visitors should also pay attention to the fat content of the specialties. A bratwurst consists of one-third, marzipan to a quarter of fat. at chocolate The lower the cocoa content, the richer. Chocolate fans should therefore prefer varieties with at least 70 percent cocoa content.

nuts have up to 70 percent fat. But they are nevertheless healthy, as they are rich in vitamins and contain an extraordinary amount of minerals and trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, iron or zinc. If you regularly eat small quantities, your heart, brain and nerves are doing something good.

Low-calorie at the Christmas market

Hanna-Kathrin Kraaibeek, graduate in ecotrophology and nutritionist at DAK knows how to feast on the Christmas market: "Nobody has to do without all treats in the run-up to Christmas," explains the expert. "Those who enjoy in moderation and replace the worst sins with calorie-reduced variants, stays slim and feels good even after the Christmas market visit."

Name is chestnuts For example, they are low in fat and low in calories and taste delicious. Compared to a 200 gram bag of almonds, you can save over 600 calories with the same amount of chestnuts.

Who left the sausage on the left and instead the Burgundy ham turns, feeds relatively low in fat. And in place of the calorie bombs mulled wine with shot or hot cocoa with rum also tastes a fruit punch without alcohol on cold winter evenings.

Healthy spices

In addition to sugar and fat, Christmas specialties also contain healthy ingredients: fragrant, tasty spices, for example. "The typical Christmas spices are cinnamon, vanilla, Ginger, anise and cardamom"Kraaibeek explains:" They not only provide a fine taste, but also promote well-being. "

On the one hand, they improve mood because they have a positive effect on serotonin levels. On the other hand, spices trigger feelings of happiness through their essential oils via their sense of smell - just the thing for the dark winter months. They are also good for stomach and digestion, so fatty foods are so digestible.

Shared happiness is double happiness

Who goes with friends or colleagues to the Christmas market, has more fun and at the same time pay attention to the slim line. A nicely divided bag of lard biscuits tastes twice as good and guarantees moderate enjoyment. It also gives you the opportunity to taste different specialties without overeating.

Extra round for the slim line

Anyone who has beaten the strings despite all good intentions, should balance the gluttony by much movement. Best to do without a car or public transport after the Christmas market visit and go home or make an extra tour through the park the next day.



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