Slimming with whey

Whey does not look appealing with its greenish-watery color. Sour tasting whey is basically just a waste product. Nevertheless, athletes and diet experts swear by whey drinks. Whey is not only suitable for weight loss as part of a diet or as an independent whey cure, but also as a nutrient-rich thirst quencher for active people.

What is whey?

Like buttermilk, whey is a by-product of milk processing. There are two different types of whey: Lab whey (also: sweet whey) is formed when the milk is added to Lab to thicken and make cheese. Sour whey, on the other hand, is responsible for quark production when the milk is treated with lactic acid bacteria. Whey is the liquid that settles after thickening the milk from the clotted protein.

Pure whey has a greenish to yellowish color, is watery and not exactly appetizing. It also spoils extremely fast, usually after just two hours. Therefore, whey is commercially available mostly as a pasteurized drink or as a powder preparation. Both whey drinks and the powder are often enriched with additional vitamins and nutrients and are available in a wide variety of flavors.

Lose weight with whey by diet

Whey has a decisive advantage over diet for milk: It is extremely low in calories and low in fat. The fat content is about 0.2 percent and 100 grams of sweet whey comes just 25 kcal. At the same time, however, all the important nutrients of milk remain in the whey, which is why it is rich in B vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and trace elements.

Although whey contains relatively little protein, but very valuable, which can be well degraded by the human body and thus provides for muscle growth. This whey protein is burned in a whey diet mainly fat and not the body's protein in muscle tissue. Bodybuilders and athletes also swear by so-called Whey shakes.

Whey unsuitable for fasting

Who wants to lose weight with whey, but should not start a radical whey diet or whey cure, but rather just replace a main meal with a whey drink. Since there are relatively few nutrients in the whey, it is not suitable as a complete food substitute.

By contrast, a whey drink daily boosts digestion, dispels the feeling of hunger, dehydrates the body and is a low-calorie and low-fat substitute for hearty meals. This promises a whey diet, although no fast, but a healthy and lasting weight loss without starving. Slimming with whey is absolutely suitable for everyday use, without calculating and calorie counting easy to perform. With different recipes and variations, a whey diet can also be delicious and varied.

Whey: drinks and shakes

In addition to the finished whey drinks from the refrigerated shelves, whey is usually offered as a powder, which is mixed with a little water. Health food stores also offer partly natural, pasteurized whey. Blended with some pureed fruit or vegetables, the sour-tasting whey can be used to prepare delicious, healthy shakes.

To make the drink a little sweeter, the addition of honey, milk, buttermilk or yogurt can help. If you like it salty, try the pureed cucumber, carrot, watercress or fresh herbs. Even with tea, whey can be mixed - green tea has a stimulating effect and makes the drink really healthy.

In summer, whey juice cocktails refresh. Simply mix whey and orange, cherry or passion fruit juice in a ratio of 1: 1, add a little lemon juice and stir well. Whey drinks should always be drunk directly after preparation, as the liquids usually separate quickly and then look unappetizing.



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