Thick or slim by predisposition?

"I can not help it, that I'm so fat. That's a predisposition. "Like that, many obese people excuse their overweight and thus lose their sense of responsibility, but they are not even so wrong in that case, in fact, some people have a genetic substance that prescribes obesity, but that predisposition With some discipline, healthy nutrition and a lot of exercise, obesity is no longer a marginal phenomenon in Germany Already every third German citizen is clearly overweight according to the German Obesity Society.

Overweight as a predisposition?

It is no coincidence that fat couples also have more than obese children. Various studies have already proven that not only education and nutrition, but also genetic predispositions have an impact on a person's body circumference.

For example, scientists investigated adoptive children who were separated from their parents at a very young age and compared the weight of their biological parents with that of their adoptive parents. A clear influence of the genes of the biological parents was found. Even studies with identical twins, who grew up separately, confirmed this. Researchers now estimate the influence that genetic predisposition has on a person's body mass at up to 60 percent.

Genetic substance is not to blame for everything

Even if one parent is fat, the risk for children to become overweight themselves later increases. If both parents are obese, it continues to rise. Nevertheless, the child does not necessarily have to get fat. However, it will be more difficult to stay slim than some of your peers. Because the genetic material does not automatically ensure that those affected get fat, but it paves the way for it.

While some people seem to be able to eat as much as they want without increasing their weight, in the case of stout people, every little sin ends up on their hips. They are often faster and more hungry and consume less energy than other people. They gain weight more easily and have more difficulty losing it again. Some researchers also suggest that the taste buds on the tongue in some people are genetically very sensitive to bitter substances and thus promote the tendency to sweeten and fats, while vegetables abhorred.

Education and nutritional patterns

Thick parents should therefore pay special attention to a healthy, well-balanced diet of their children, so that they do not learn wrong eating habits. If parents show off to their children that chocolate is comforting, television and chips are rewarded, and every portion of food needs to be consumed, children will adopt these behaviors, putting them at great risk of becoming overweight themselves.

Such measures reduce the natural sense of nutrition, which in adulthood causes not only hunger to send food signals but also anger, stress or boredom. However, those who learn to eat a balanced diet and develop a healthy attitude towards food from an early age need not be afraid of getting fat either.

Overweight: promote movement

Sport and exercise are not only good for the kids, so cycling or weekend walks and playground visits or weekday walks should not be exceptions. Fat kids often have a hard time doing sports, they quickly run out of breath and are more likely to catch a red head than their athletic ability.

Parents should therefore pay attention from the beginning to a lot of physical activity and promote the natural urge to move the children and not slow down. Later, a registration in the sports club makes sense, because who drives a lot of sports as a child and adolescents, this habit is rarely cast as an adult.

Basically all people have the chance to be fit and slim. However, this is relatively easy for some, while others, because of their predisposition, have to curb their food life and disciplinedly have to pay attention to exercise and non-enjoyment. This often costs a lot of energy and a bit of zest for life. In extreme cases, this type of restrained food can even lead to an eating disorder.

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