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A detox cure with juices of fresh fruit and vegetables serves to rid the body of pollutants and supply it with vital nutrients. How such a juice-detox diet works and what you can drink it, read here.

What and how much can you drink in a detox cure?

In the detox diet with juices is deliberately avoided solid and harmful or unhealthy food. Instead, one drinks only blended juices from untreated raw fruits and vegetables.

During the treatment, two to three liters of juice should be drunk daily, in addition to two to three liters of still water. It is best to spread these on six portions of 400 or 600 milliliters of juice and drink it at a distance of about two hours.

Everything about raw fruits and vegetables is allowed with the juices. However, one thing is important balanced mixture. Especially because of the lack of solid food must be ensured that the body is still supplied with essential nutrients.

Every now and then you can take a vegetable broth for a change. In addition, Detox teas such as Fit Tea®, Teatox® and Detox Delight® can support the diet.

How do I make a detox cure with juices?

preparation is half the battle - this is also true when detoxifying the body with juices. It is advisable to adjust the body a few days before the start of the diet and to "wean" yourself from unhealthy habits. For example, you can renounce animal protein, sugar, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol and drink plenty of water or unsweetened herbal tea.

Finished juice cures are easy to order on the internet. The clear advantage of these finished juices is that they can be easily integrated into everyday life; time-consuming cutting and pureeing of fruits and vegetables can be saved. Furthermore, it is advantageous that finished juices are ideally matched with respect to the ingredients, so that an adequate supply of nutrients is guaranteed. However, the juices are not cheap: However, for a cure of three days you have to expect, for example, depending on the manufacturer with 50 to 150 euros.

Alternatively there is in the pharmacy Buy fruit, vegetable and vegetable juices from which you can mix a detox cure yourself.

Of course you can also use the juices make yourself at home. It is advisable to prepare them fresh from untreated organic vegetables and fruits and then drink them directly afterwards. Only then will the ingredients be preserved and detoxify. The advantage of your own preparation is that you know what's inside.

How long does a detox cure with juices take?

Mostly, three to five days are scheduled for detox cures with juices. For beginner the 3-day cure is better. The second time you can then try the 5-day cure.

professionals however, the detox diet can extend to a 7-day, 14-day, or even 21-day cure.

How often can you do a detox cure?

Detox diets with juices can be done several times a year. However, one should make sure that between the cures several weeks with normal (but of course healthy) diet.

Recipe for a detox juice

For the own production of a detox juice one needs plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as a juicer. There are countless recipes for a detoxifying juice and the ingredients can vary. Here is a simple recipe for making your own:

For the juice "Green Machine" you need the following ingredients:

  • four hands full of kale
  • two hands full of spinach (young spring or summer spinach)
  • two kiwis
  • three apples
  • an orange
  • ½ cucumber
  • a bunch of peppermint

Cut all ingredients into small pieces and place in the juicer. The recipe yields one serving, about 500 milliliters of juice.

After the detox diet

In the first few days after the detoxification cure, one should gradually bring the body back to a normal diet. So the metabolism can slowly change again. In addition, abdominal pain or indigestion are prevented by the unusually solid food. Smoothies, raw vegetables, steamed vegetables or rice are particularly suitable for the transition.

Advantages and disadvantages of a detox cure with juices

For many a crucial advantage of detoxification with juices is that in addition the pounds tumble and you quickly lose weight. In addition, detox diets with juices are easy to integrate into everyday life, as you can easily prepare the juices and take them anywhere.

At the same time, however, fast weight loss can also be detrimental. After all, those who fall back into an unhealthy eating pattern after the treatment quickly become victims of the yo-yo effect and regain their weight.

Another disadvantage is that fruit juices contain a lot of fructose and cause the blood sugar level to skyrocket. Food cravings can be the result. Therefore, it is advisable to put more on vegetable juices - especially since they are also more satiating.

Detox cure: For many it's the station wagon

Many people combine both variants of the detox cure, for example by drinking juice in the morning and in the evening and eating a basic dish at lunchtime. Alternatively, one or two detox days can be taken during the week, instead of a cure of several days.

It also helps some if you do not do the detox cure alone, but for example with a friend or a friend. So you can exchange ideas and motivate each other!




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