5 tips for a cool apartment despite the heat

First they are longed for and then locked out as far as possible: summer and sun must be well dosed in the living area so that they do not become a burden. From how many degrees the heat is perceived as unpleasant is individually different and depends strongly on the respective activity, the humidity and the air movement (wind).

5 tips against the heat in the house

In general, room temperatures in the range of 20 to 22 degrees and a humidity of 50 - 60% are perceived as pleasant. In order to maintain this ideal condition even in summer, the house must be built properly and the apartment must be properly cooled. The latter means, above all, not to let the heat into the house. Here are the five tips:

  • Ventilate at night, preferably in the second half of the night, because it is the coolest. If possible, make a neat passage!
  • By contrast, windows and doors should be kept closed during the day.
  • Absolutely prevent the sun rays from falling on the window glass! Windows are to be shaded from outside (blinds, awnings, external blinds).
  • Avoid cooking for hours in the summer, preferably boil up in the evening, then let the night cool into the kitchen.
  • A fan provides relief when the air gets stuffy.

In general, the smaller the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, the lower the risk of colds and circulatory problems.

Air conditioners: unhealthy power guzzlers

Air conditioners should only be used in extreme cases. They are getting more and more into the crossfire of criticism. On the one hand because of their enormous energy costs (the summer blackouts are at their expense). On the other hand, because of their negative health effects. More and more people complain in air-conditioned rooms about respiratory infections and general malaise.

The former is due to the fact that air conditioners lower the humidity. The upper airways and the nasal mucous membranes dry up, you get a rough neck and becomes more susceptible to infections. If the system is not regularly maintained, it will throw bacteria and viruses into the air, increasing the risk of infection. Some people are allergic or have constantly irritated skin, eyes and mucous membranes, headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

The latter is also due to the adverse ionization of the air by the air conditioning system (overhang of positively charged particles that disturb our well-being). Before buying an air conditioner you should check all other measures. Otherwise you have instead of cool rooms only salted electricity bills and sick people.


"What is good against the cold is also good against the heat" - The old adage also applies to the apartment Construction of a house One should think of future hot summers!



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