Christmas time - everything could be so nice

In Advent and at Christmas more than 90 percent long for harmony and silence, want tranquility and want to spend more time with family and friends. But what does reality often look like: quarrels in the family and many people who are alone and suffer from loneliness. Free days, good food, get-togethers with the people who are close to us - everything could be really beautiful. But instead: hectic and stress is spreading, the preparations have robbed many of the last nerve already. Proper joy is certainly no longer on.

Why is this?

At Christmas expectations and reality are often far apart. Too many expectations are linked to the reunion of family members, friends or relatives. The true feelings threaten to sink in the Christmas shopping spree. Instead of embracing one's self, it's better to buy a present, instead of saying good-bye, there are still fast-packed parcels every year.

Many people have an almost transfigured image of Christmas and completely overlook the fact that we all come from the most different situations in the holidays and therefore also bring very different needs. Christmas with the family is therefore a source of conflict: the parents want to be with the children, the children are drawn to friends.

Harmony at Christmas can not be forced

The hoped-for mood is missing, frustration is spreading. Smoldering conflicts break up, family commitments are perceived as a burden. So it is on the feast of love again and again to disappointments.

However, harmony can not be enforced Therefore: just enjoy the days as they are. Allow yourself and the other family members freedom and opportunities for retreat. Free yourself from the pressure to fulfill all obligations. Just say "no" once.

Less is more

We have too much of the "good" - eating, drinking and leisure. But we have too little exercise and fresh air, too little healthy nutrition and usually too little faith in the partner or family members. The fact is: Every German takes between Christmas and New Year on average 370 grams of weight, while the physical movement is usually too short.

In order to clear up possible stumbling blocks before the festival, it is useful to clarify in advance what the holidays should look like. Plan a special, but not too sumptuous Christmas dinner, arrange a daily activity with the family, for example a walk or a sleigh ride. Distribute the tasks of preparation and daily work to all family members. So everyone is jointly responsible for the success of the festival.

This too is Christmas - a time of loneliness

On holidays, loneliness is high season, because Christmas is the feast of the family. For most of us that seems normal. But more and more people spend the holidays alone and lose almost all their courage. Alone or people who suffer from depression feel this time as a special burden.

Churches and congregations offer lots of celebrations and gatherings especially during Advent and Christmas, which can be of help to lonely people. But even a visit to the local pub can help to avoid being too melancholy at Christmas.

Life rules of the Dalai Lama

At Christmas and New Year - when the balance of the year is drawn - people take time to think about the new year, especially about their new year. An orientation for the future will give life rules. They can help to develop clear goals, to find new meaning and to see life in a larger context. Here are the rules of life of the Dalai Lama:



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