Long-distance travel - insulin, pill and jet lag

The pill in case of time difference: Combination pills containing estrogen and progestin provide reliable protection if the interval between two consecutive pills does not exceed 36 hours is. So if the time difference is not more than 12 hours, you could take your pill at home and at the resort at the usual time. However, if you want to be sure, consider taking the time difference.


In the minipill - it contains only gestagen - the usual intake time must not be exceeded by more than 3 hours, that is, the interval between two dragees may not be greater than 27 hours his. If the time is more than three hours, take an intermediate pill after 12 hours and then continue taking it at the usual hour's local time. Be sure to consult with your gynecologist before traveling from one time zone to another.

Diabetics - adjustment of insulin dose

Traveling east shortens the day. The insulin dose should be reduced accordingly. As a rule of thumb, the dose of insulin required within 24 hours is reduced by the fraction resulting from the time shift. Example: If the clocks are presented by 6 hours on a trip to East Asia, the insulin requirement is reduced by 6/24. At the destination then the insulin doses under blood sugar control are the same as at home.

When traveling to the West, the equivalent with the opposite sign, which is the amount of insulin to be temporarily increased according to the same rule of thumb, expediently by an additional insulin dose. If you are regularly dependent on certain medications, such as diabetes, you should consult your doctor before you travel.

Melatonin against jet lag?

Whether you are taking melatonin yourself, you decide with your doctor. Melatonin is an endogenous hormone whose effect and side effects at the time, especially in the long-term intake are not clarified yet. Purchasing through the international pharmacy is time-consuming, buying over the Internet is problematic, as often ineffective or dangerous counterfeits are offered.



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