In harmony with the skin

To feel well with and in his skin, it is important to look after her. But skin problems, such as dry skin, acne, rashes and skin diseases can quickly upset the balance of the skin. When do I best entrust my skin to a doctor, when is the walk to a beautician useful? The dream of immaculate beauty and pure skin is a relic from the old days, yet up to date. Reducing wrinkles, treating acne, and tightening the skin are more popular than ever. Especially anti-aging treatments have a high priority in the area of ​​skin care and cosmetics.

Modern cosmetics for the skin

Modern forms of treatment from the cosmetics can not only achieve a superficial effect on the skin positive effect, but also promise an intense effect with depth force. In cosmetics, so too are products that can achieve verifiable results through scientific studies, so-called cosmeceuticals or dermacosmetics.

Cosmeceutical is composed of the terms cosmetic and pharmaceutical, dermocosmetics has a part of the word dermatology (doctrine of skin diseases). Both wordings signal to the consumer that cosmetics and medicine are very close together.

In fact, certain cosmetic concerns merge with the possibilities of medicine. For the customer and patient, however, it is not always easy to see when his skin problem requires medical treatment or when he can expect his desired success with the offer of a beautician.

Cosmetics and the legal regulation

Cosmetics are regulated by law in Germany by the Cosmetics Regulation. This states which tasks and which guidelines are to be observed in the context of cosmetics, which materials and materials may be used. However, many legal gray areas exist in the combination of cosmetics and medicine. Not all activities are clearly defined to cosmetics or medicine.

Especially in anti-aging, there are many offers for treatment on the market, which in addition to positive effects but also can cause side effects, which could possibly adversely affect the health. Of course, a beautician should not make any diagnoses, but she must be able to recognize the condition of the skin in order to be able to classify them for the correct care in a skin type.

Acne, anti aging and healthy skin

Acne is one of the most common skin problems. Within cosmetics, depending on the severity of the acne, it is possible to achieve relief. However, of course, limits are set in the treatment of acne in cosmetics. It makes sense, therefore, skin lesions and skin diseases before measures in cosmetics by a doctor to clarify professional. Often a combination of medical treatment and cosmetic supplementation is the perfect solution. In the anti-aging plastic and aesthetic surgery and wrinkle injections with Botox are generally reserved for a doctor.

However, it is not clearly regulated by law in the Anti Aging the sub-injection of wrinkles with natural or synthetic materials. Very popular in the range of cosmetics is the so-called "fat-away injection" and wrinkle smoothing using mesotherapy. But even here caution is advised, in Germany, mesotherapy is one of the healing professions. Only a doctor, alternative practitioner or beautician with the appropriate additional qualification may offer these treatments in anti-aging.

Chiropody - cosmetic or medical?

Since 2002, the podiatry law came into force. Beauticians and chiropodists who have not received any additional training since then may only offer cosmetic foot care. Diseases on the nail, such as an athlete's foot, or diabetics with foot problems are therefore part of the podiatrist or, depending on the severity, it also requires treatment by a doctor.

Incidentally, cooperation between a doctor and a beauty salon is ideal. Many medical practices even offer beauticians their own treatment room for cosmetics in their practice, so patients and clients can benefit from both expertise.



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