Stressed skin


Healthy skin not only looks beautiful, but also has an important protective function for our body. But what to do if the skin is suddenly dry and red? If the skin also tends to tense or even itches, it needs urgent help. So that your skin does not get out of balance, we give useful tips for the care of our largest organ.

Protective function of the skin

With just a few millimeters, the skin is naturally delicate and thin, yet has amazing resistance to harmful influences - in that it is healthy. Then the skin can provide protection against cold, heat and foreign invaders such as fungi, viruses and chemical substances. However, the skin itself also needs protection in order to fulfill its protective task.

As soon as the skin loses its balance, the permeability of the skin barrier can be increased, thereby even skin diseases or allergies can be favored. To prevent this, a sensible care of the skin is an important basis for the health.

Stress factors for the skin

Day after day, our skin is exposed to considerable hardships and stressors that affect our skin. This includes, for example:

  • frequent contact with water
  • environmental influences
  • too long sunbathing
  • alkaline care products
  • unhealthy foods
  • the intake of medication
  • Stimulants such as nicotine and alcohol
  • an unhealthy lifestyle

When the skin is in stress: symptoms

The result of these stress factors: The skin is irritated and complains. This manifests itself for example by a feeling of tightness, by places dry and rough areas or a generally dry skin. Also, the skin may be red in certain places or itches.

What to do in stressed skin?

If signs of redness and itching become noticeable, it is high time to soothe and condition the skin regularly. Because stressed skin can not only cause unpleasant sensations, but also age faster.

Important is a gentle care and generally a careful handling of the skin. For example, cream your skin after showering and avoid spending too long in the sun.

Suitable care products - ingredients

The skin loves gentle care. Aggressive care additives, on the other hand, can overstrain the skin quickly. Used care products should therefore be checked for their ingredients.

Care products containing ingredients that irritate the skin should be banned from the cosmetics cabinet. These include denatured alcohols and occlusive mineral oils, but also many artificial fragrances and artificial colors can irritate the skin and make it sensitive.

Care tips for dry skin

For dry skin due to lack of care recommend special care products from the pharmacy to remedy. A good care cream has rich recipes with a balanced proportion of fat and moisture-binding active ingredients, which should, however, also be tailored to the respective skin condition and skin type.

So there is no cream that can meet the needs of everyone and at any time. If the skin is more strained, it also needs a plus in care.

By the way: If the body lacks fluid, it also removes water from the skin. If you drink between two and three liters of water per day, it will make your skin happy as well.

When the skin needs a dermatologist

In the acute case, a dermatologist should be consulted. He can also make a medical measurement of the skin condition. Here, the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is measured, which in turn allows conclusions about the skin barrier.

Depending on which skin condition the dermatologist detects, also a drug treatment is necessary.




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