Sound massage: relaxation for body and mind

Full body massages with singing bowls are a new way, also in the cosmetics and wellness area. Finest vibrations fill the body and release tension. Gently, very gently, the sound therapist strikes one of the big Tibetan bowls. A rich, rich sound fills the room - and the body, because the shell is on its back. Feeling the sound in the body is an intense experience. What you hear and feel: the finest vibrations, a light, pleasant tingling sensation. Since our body is about 80 percent water, the vibrations are transmitted to the cells. At the same time, one listens to the sound that disappears and listens to the silence - a rather rare experience today.

What happens during the sound massage?

In a sound massage several bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck. In a variant of the massage, the patient lies in the water. The fine vibrations should touch body, mind and soul and release tension. The goal: the self-healing powers are mobilized and creative energies released. A sound massage takes about an hour, and you should take the time and rest for it.

During the massage you lie for a while on your stomach, then on your back. Differently sized singing bowls are placed on the patient in abdominal and supine position, on certain chakra points (chakras are energy centers), joints or pain zones. Using a clapper, gently beat the bowls until the sound waves dissolve the disturbed energy fields and flood the entire body.

A sound

Hearing is more accurate than seeing. Experiments have shown that no other organ responds to such minimal impulses as the ear, and from a biological point of view, it seems to have a greater significance: before we are born, we already perceive the world acoustically. Sound has in music therapy e.g. for disabled people is very important. Already Pythagoras treated melancholy with music.

The sound massage is based on ancient knowledge, which was used more than 5,000 years ago in Indian healing art. In the Eastern conception, man has emerged from sound, so it is sound. When man is in one-sound with himself and his environment, he is also able to make his life free and creative. The modern sound massage was developed by Peter Hess. He has collected the uses of sound experiences in Nepal and Tibet.

Singing bowls come from Japan, China, Thailand and the Himalayan region and are made of five to twelve different metals. According to tradition, a shell should contain seven metals, one for each planet: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, lead, and five other metals: zinc, meteor iron, bismuth, galena, and pyrite.


The effect of singing bowls is largely unexplored. In medicine and psychology, sounds have been used therapeutically for a long time. The experiences of many patients have shown that the sounds of the singing bowls convey a meditative and safe atmosphere. Most people experience sound massage as soothing. One reaches the so-called alpha state: here the brain produces currents of about eight to twelve hertz. Although you are spiritually awake, you are in a state of relaxation full of peace and harmony. This condition favors creativity and imagination. So problem solving easier, because both halves of the brain are active.

Through its relaxing and pain-relieving effect, the sound massage supports healing treatments, for example in the case of disc, abdominal and heart complaints and joint problems. Severe physical or mental illnesses may only be treated by members of recognized health professions. A special effect of the sound massage, therapists hope, among other things, in patients in a coma. Even with music therapy, one tries to make first contacts with coma patients via the humming of melodies and has amazing successes.



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