Obesity - consequences

Article Content Obesity Obesity - Causes Obesity - Consequences Obesity - Therapy and Treatment Obesity - Prevention Strong obesity makes you sick - experts agree on that. Obesity, but also overweight, are a risk factor for numerous diseases of civilization, especially diseases of the blood vessels and the cardiovascular system: Hypertension (hypertension), arteriosclerosis, including episodes such as heart attack and stroke.

Overweight - what to do?

If the person consumes more energy in the form of food than he actually consumes, he becomes overweight over time. If you want to lose weight, you either have to eat less than you consume or significantly increase your energy consumption, for example through sports or physical work. Overweight affects up to 50% of our population, depending on the age group.

Sports and nutrition

Article Content Sport and Nutrition Sports and Nutrition: Diet Sport and Nutrition: Nutritional Supplements and Drinks Sports activities are among the most popular pastimes. In addition, they help to prevent civilization diseases. But it will not be really healthy until the nutrition is right.

So recovery succeeds even in short breaks

From time to time it is simply necessary to leave everyday life behind to gain new energy. But most professional or family reasons prevent it, to treat themselves to a longer break. Short breaks can provide the necessary variety here and refresh body and mind. Even a short break over the weekend or for 3 to 4 days can relax and lead to new Elan.


Article Content Obesity Obesity - Causes Obesity - Follow Obesity - Therapy and Treatment Obesity - Prevent Fat Parents, Fat Kids - Doctors sound the alarm. The number of people with a strong overweight continues to rise. Tips on diet and losing weight seem to have little effect.

Digestive Problems: Natural Help

When the intestines go on strike, that's a taboo subject for many. This can often be the cause of malaise and listlessness. But there is help: With gentle means from nature, the disturbed digestion comes back into balance. Constipation can have many causes - remedy on the gentle route According to a publication of the "Ärzte-Zeitung" have about 15 percent of women and 5 percent of men have problems with digestion, the incidence increases with age.

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Pantoprazole helps with heartburn

Every second German knows the painful feeling that comes with heartburn (reflux disease), when the stomach acid flows back into the esophagus. Here, the drug pantoprazole can remedy this, as it causes a reduction in acid production in the stomach. Therefore, pantoprazole is also used in ulcers in the stomach and duodenum and in a pathological overproduction of gastric acid, the so-called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Make-up tips for sensitive skin

Most women just feel better with a subtle make-up. Anyone who has very dry skin or is prone to allergies, however, quickly reacts to cosmetic products with annoying irritations. The skin tightens and itches, forming red spots or small blisters - about every third woman knows such skin reactions from personal experience.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Humans depend on the daily intake of vitamin C from food. If the vitamin is missing over a longer period of time, the deficiency disease scurvy develops. This seafaring disease has long been extinct with us, because through our food, the basic supply is covered. In certain times or situations, however, it is advisable to increase its vitamin C intake.

Computed tomography

Content Computed tomography Computed tomography: Examinations Compared to conventional x-rays, the method is relatively young, but it is almost impossible to imagine day-to-day clinical practice. Their versatile applicability and rapid technical advancements make them indispensable for a wide variety of questions in almost all body regions.

Terbinafine - effective against fungal diseases

Terbinafine is a commonly used drug used to treat fungal infections. It acts like the antifungal naftifine inhibiting an enzyme that is important for the proliferation of fungi. This suppresses the growth of the fungi. Terbinafine can be taken as an ointment on the skin as well as orally as a tablet.

Lack of concentration

Whether in the office, at school or at home - in everyday life of modern people, there are similar situations almost everywhere: The list of upcoming and to-be-processed tasks is getting longer, while the concentration and performance seems to decrease to the same extent. It is easier to focus on the growing sense of helplessness and overwork in the face of tasks than on individual tasks.

Eat healthy at the Christmas market

The Advent and Christmas season is just around the corner - and sweet treats are waiting for us on every corner: Cookies, dominoes, galleries and more are simply part of Christmas time. And at the Christmas market you would like to relinquish a cup of mulled wine or a bag of roasted almonds reluctant.

Fennel as tea, spice and medicine

The fennel has been known for centuries as a spice and medicinal plant. The ingredients of the fennel have an anticonvulsant, antiseptic and expectorant effect. In addition, the tuber can be prepared as a fennel vegetable in salads or soups and produces a pleasant anise-like aroma.

Morgenmuffel: Start the day with verve

The expression on the breakfast table speaks volumes: a grim face, sleepy eyes, hanging shoulders. The mouth does not speak. Only some grumbling is to elicit him, in the best case a "yes" or "no". A morning muffle. Started awake too early, he starts his day grudgingly and takes hours to really get going.

Eat healthy at Christmas

As soon as the advent season begins and the Christmas market opens its doors, sweet treats lure us everywhere: cookies, roasted almonds, Christmas stollen and dominoes can now be bought at every corner. On the holidays itself, then a delicious Christmas menu is waiting for us. Good food is easy at Christmas.

Successfully lose weight - without yo-yo effect

On the way to the perfect figure for the summer lurk some pitfalls. So does the well-known yo-yo effect. Just then, if you were able to successfully reduce your weight after a diet and now give your old eating habits again, the yo-yo effect comes to grips and suggests a new weight gain.

Black and green tea - healthy enjoyment

What do Englishmen and East Frisians have in common? They are self-confessed tea drinkers. Green and black tea are especially well known and loved. And rightly so, because they not only have a stimulating, beneficial effect, but with their ingredients also serve our health. Green and black tea are made from the same leaf material.


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