In the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, the workers were provided with onions and radishes to do the hard work. Because onions are considered a secret of vitality and strength. And until today, the reputation of the onion has been preserved as an elixir of life. And she is also an amazing remedy.

Diet for sleep disorders

The activity of the organism is not negligibly related to food intake. So there are foods that promote sleep and others that make us stay awake. Some foods lower blood pressure and heart rate, rather do not stimulate the general metabolism and thus facilitate the slipping into sleep.

Do you suffer from chronic constipation?

A hard bowel movement and long-lasting problems with defecation are typical features of a chronic constipation (chronic constipation). In 2006, gastroenterologists summarized typical symptoms of chronic constipation. These symptoms now serve as so-called Rome III criteria for diagnosing chronic constipation.

Proton pump inhibitor in heartburn

Proton pump inhibitors (PPI for proton pump inhibitors) are gastric protective drugs. In the past they were prescriptions, now PPI with the active ingredients pantoprazole and omeprazole are available without prescription in pharmacies for self-medication for heartburn and acid regurgitation. In about 30 percent of the population gastric acid flows back into the esophagus (reflux).

Why coffee is so stimulating

Most Germans decide daily for their cup of coffee - after all, we Germans drink 77,000 cups on average in our lives. Each cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. When we enjoy the hot drink in moderation, coffee has very positive effects. In the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee slowly but surely prevailed in Europe.

What is the PECH rule?

For acute injuries one should use the proven PECH rule, because the first minutes after an accident are crucial in order to minimize the consequences for the person concerned. The PECH rule is an easily remembered basic rule for sports injuries and consists of the following measures: P = pause E = ice C = compression H = upstroke P = pause S o f o r t stop exercising.

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Meditation - the royal road to relaxation

Peace, relaxation and balance are luxury for many people. Many find it difficult to escape the daily stress and switch off. Meditation can specifically help to (re) relax and focus. In addition, meditating can help treat and prevent mental and physical illness, such as depression or migraine.

Dialogue: the art of having good conversations

Communication has always been - and still is today - an important part of the exchange between two people. However, not every conversation is a real dialogue. What characterizes a good conversation and which prerequisites are necessary for this? The American linguists George Lakoff and Mark Johnson describe a real dialogue, that is, an exchange between two people: "Imagine a culture in which arguments are seen as dance and participants as dancers and the goal is to be balanced to dance in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Stressed skin

Healthy skin not only looks beautiful, but also has an important protective function for our body. But what to do if the skin is suddenly dry and red? If the skin also tends to tense or even itches, it needs urgent help. So that your skin does not get out of balance, we give useful tips for the care of our largest organ.

Chocolate: Healthy or unhealthy?

Chocolate is available in a variety of flavors. But no matter whether white, dark or milk chocolate - one thing is common to all varieties: Chocolate is not exactly healthy, because it contains a lot of fat and sugar and therefore also many calories. However, cocoa powder also contains certain substances that can have a positive effect on blood pressure and our heart health.

Formula diets

Article Content Formula Diets Formula Diets - Advantages and Disadvantages Many people feel too fat and would like to lose weight. There are several ways to get rid of the bacon rolls. One of these is the slimming down with ready-made drinks or powders, also called formula diets, which are manufactured industrially.


Hardly imaginable, but candles, chewing gum, cosmetics, cleaning agents, sweets and shoe creams have one common ingredient: paraffin, a waste product from the oil industry. Although the popular product is cheap and versatile, it also has negative sides. The main point of criticism is that fossil fuel oil is consumed for the production of paraffin.

Is yawning really contagious?

At first it's just a feeling that seems to be sitting deep between the throat and the ears. Then the mouth opens a little, and the lungs suck in air. More and more, the mouth widens in length, the eyes close, and sometimes tears come in because the facial muscles press on the lacrimal glands.

Live vegetarian = live healthier?

"Cibi innocentes, innocent foods, are foods that are obtained without bloodshed." This is what the church father Jerome of Bethlehem (331-420) said long ago - an attitude shared by most vegetarians. Respect for life is one of the main motives to eat no meat and no fish.

Puberty: Important warning signs of mental disorders

The sky high in jubilation and the next moment everything is gray in gray and culminates in the realization: Nobody understands me. Puberty is characterized by a complex pattern of different developmental tasks and is accompanied by a roller coaster of emotions. The majority of young people manage to cope with the chaos, but 18% are in a psychosocial identity crisis and around 5% are psychologically conspicuous.

Diabetes in animals - How does diabetes affect the animal?

Article content Diabetes in animals - Diabetes also affects quadruple diabetes in animals - How is diabetes noticeable in animals? How does diabetes affect the animal? In order to be able to excrete the excess blood sugar, a diabetic animal must drink very large quantities and accordingly excrete more.

Zumba is so fit

Zumba - that's the name of a popular fitness trend in Germany. The dance fitness program developed by Colombian Alberto Perez has been popular in the US for years. Meanwhile, more and more Germans are excited about Zumba. Zumba is a mix of dance and aerobics: squats or lunges are just as much a workout as movements in the belly dance.


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