Stool examination

With the bowel movement, all this is excreted from the digestive tract, what the body no longer needs. But feces are more to the doctor than just a waste product. Appearance and smell, texture, quantity and composition can give important clues to diseases. Chair - a useful substance The chair consists of three quarters of water, it also contains indigestible food components, mucus and shed cells of the intestinal mucosa and bacteria and their fermentation and decay products.

Honey - golden juice that works wonders

The Greeks really appreciated honey because, according to mythology, the gods owed it their immortality. We love the honey for its good taste and because it helps with colds. In recent years, scientists have studied the medicinal effectiveness of honey and came to amazing results: honey is particularly good at healing wounds and also works against inflammation.

Almonds - in moderation healthy

The scent of roasted almonds is inextricably linked to the advent season: Burnt almonds are a winter classic that should not be missing on any Christmas market. However, roasted almonds - just like almonds in general - contain many calories and should only be consumed in moderation. In small amounts almonds are even healthy, as they have some valuable ingredients.

Do you suffer from heartburn?

A burning sensation in the chest and acid regurgitation are signs of heartburn. This can be the case after overeating and greasy food, but in case of increased occurrence it can also be the cause of a chronic illness. Test here if you suffer from heartburn and should see your doctor.

Peas: healthy enjoyment

Peas enrich the diet as a pea stew, in soups, as puree or as a delicious Zuckerschote. The round-bellied vegetables are small, but they're packed with peas, so there are plenty of peas on proteins and other healthy ingredients. We'll tell you what's in peas and what to look for in terms of shelf life.

Dog Days - Sleep well despite the summer heat

Restful sleep in the heat? For many, high temperatures are a nocturnal problem in the summer. In order to fall asleep better or sleep through, one should consider what affects the sleep and is a prerequisite for a restful night. Among the things that are important for your restful sleep are the temperature in your bedroom, the bed itself, and whether your stomach is too full or too empty.

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12 golden rules for burnout treatment

Recognize - do not blame - change! There are some important rules of self-therapy for an emerging or actual burnout syndrome. When the urge to prove oneself, inner emptiness, to the feeling of not coming out of a lost situation on its own, results in a burnout syndrome.

An overview of the best teas

Even in the Middle Ages, tea was not only a popular drink, but was also frequently used in medicine because of its healing properties. Traditional teas such as black, green or even white tea have always been the preferred stimulants of humanity alongside coffee.

Sprays and aerosols

When the throat is scratching and the nose is running, sprays and aerosols are often used. Sprays are fast and accurate. They allow a very fine distribution of a drug. In addition to sprays with propellant there are pump sprays that release the drug through a pumping mechanism. Advantages of sprays and aerosols Although there are rinsing or gargling solutions with anti-inflammatory agents for sore throat and pharyngitis.

Bullying at school

Recently, media reports of school bullying are mounting. But bullying, which can be translated as "attack" and "exclude" from English, is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for quite some time and is actually cruel everyday life in some schools. What is new, however, is the awareness of this issue and the many preventive measures offered to empower students.

Anorexia - addicted to starvation

Anorexia often begins with a harmless diet to get rid of some extra pounds. But the transition to anorexia can be fluid. If the weight continues to fall and the eating behavior gets out of control, professional help in the form of psychotherapy is usually necessary. Especially girls and young women are at risk of suffering from anorexia - but men can also be affected.

Aronia - The chokeberry

The Aronia melanocurpa is little known here on land. Perhaps it is familiar to a few people under the name of oregano (or bald oregano). It is estimated in Eastern Europe for several decades as an effective medicinal plant. Visually rather inconspicuous, one could almost confuse the Aronia berry with the blueberry - while the berries of the Aronia plant have a healthier effect.

Tips for the berry time

Summertime means berry time: the aromatic berry varieties, which taste just as pure as juice or compote, are enticing with their varied offerings. In addition, the healthy as well as delicious berries provide numerous valuable ingredients. Most associate it with summer - the bright colors and the sweet and sour, refreshing taste of berry fruit.

Acupuncture for birth preparation

Acupuncture for birth preparation and birth relief is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Meanwhile, about one third of women who are pregnant for the first time already rely on the effect of the small needles. A study by the Gynecological Clinic of Mannheim shows that the procedure shortens the length of birth of first-time mothers from ten to eight hours on average.

Methotrexate: effective against rheumatism and cancer

Methotrexate (MTX) is used in chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, psoriasis and Crohn's disease. In high doses, it can also be used as part of chemotherapy for the treatment of leukemia and other cancers. The drug inhibits an enzyme in folic acid metabolism and thus interferes with the division of cancer cells and cells of the immune system that require folic acid to grow.

Eat vegan and live

Vegan diet means to feed completely without animal foods. No animal products? What else can you eat at all and is that healthy at all? Vegans hear these questions very often. Nevertheless, they are doing well, even without animal food and products.

Black and green tea - healthy enjoyment

What do Englishmen and East Frisians have in common? They are self-confessed tea drinkers. Green and black tea are especially well known and loved. And rightly so, because they not only have a stimulating, beneficial effect, but with their ingredients also serve our health. Green and black tea are made from the same leaf material.

Green tea - a miracle cure?

A stimulating hot beverage is Green Tea anyway. But also a health-promoting effect is said to him. So he should prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of cancer. But what's wrong with his miracle power? The Chinese emperor Shen-Nung, as a legend goes, preferred to drink hot water.


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