Leeches, maggots & Co. for medical treatment

Maggots, worms and leeches are not exactly the pets that you keep. But in medicine, they are enjoying increasing popularity. As a natural cleansing command, they are supposed to clean wounds, clean up the intestines and activate the immune system. Much disgust, few side effects Treatment practices of our ancestors and effective therapy methods in modern medicine: fly maggots in wounds, leeches on the skin for venous disorders and rheumatic complaints, worm eggs for drinking in chronic intestinal diseases - which sounds unappetizing, brings in many cases a resounding success.

Drinking water pollution by drugs

Content of the article Potable water from drinking water Drinking water from medicines - wastewater treatment In the opinion of environmental experts, drug residues in drinking water are a growing problem. Ten active ingredients - including bezafibrate (to reduce blood lipid levels), diclofenac (analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs), ibuprofen (painkillers), antibiotics and X-ray contrast media - have been repeatedly detected, including various painkillers and X-ray contrast agents, says the toxicologist.

Aronia - The chokeberry

The Aronia melanocurpa is little known here on land. Perhaps it is familiar to a few people under the name of oregano (or bald oregano). It is estimated in Eastern Europe for several decades as an effective medicinal plant. Visually rather inconspicuous, one could almost confuse the Aronia berry with the blueberry - while the berries of the Aronia plant have a healthier effect.

What are warts?

Warts are caused by a viral infection, but have less to do with hygiene than with a weakened defense system. The susceptibility of our body to warts can be triggered by mental stress, excessive physical exertion, pregnancy, serious surgery or certain systemic diseases.


Internal restlessness and sleep disorders are symptoms of depression. Mirtazapine can alleviate this: It helps to calm down and sleep well restorative. Therefore, this antidepressant is mainly used in depressives with nocturnal restlessness (agitation). Since it has a sleep-promoting effect, it is usually taken before bedtime.

Fit in the summer

Content of the article Fit in the summer Fit in the summer - perseverance This could be the beginning: take a little jog in the park before the workday starts, grab a casserole of vegetables in the canteen, fry chicken and do some yoga exercises on the living room carpet before you go to dinner.

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Matcha - Awake tea from Japan

Matcha is a powder of ground green tea leaves and has its origins in Japan. In a tea made of this powdery essence, the ingredients that give green tea its healthy benefits are many times more concentrated than in a normal tea infusion. Therefore, the green Matcha powder is considered a real superfood.

Warning signs of the body

The human body shows clearly how it is for health, well-being and happiness. That is why it is even more important to listen to the inner voice of the body and to take alarm signals seriously. Typical warning signs of the body are presented here. First signs that something is wrong Many people have already become acquainted with those small, initially unspectacular signals of the body that want to warn us.

What are Legionella?

Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria that occur in low concentrations in drinking water. In small quantities, they pose no risk to humans - but if their concentration increases sharply, legionella can cause dangerous Legionnaires' disease. An infection takes place by the inhalation of the smallest water droplets, for example when showering or while bathing in the whirlpool.

How to prevent lifestyle diseases

In the past, man was forced to walk or walk a lot. However, our modern life with the various means of transport has meant that regular exercise and sports are in many cases too short. It is precisely the physical activity for the health and to prevent many civilization diseases are particularly important.

Pilates as a whole body workout

Pilates, a gentle blend of yoga and gymnastics, is increasingly among the sports activities of community colleges and gyms. The training is particularly gentle on the joints and is suitable for anyone who wants to be athletic and fit, even for people who have back problems. Concentration and control are the main features of the exercises - but you should not expect a Schwarzenegger figure.

Work-life balance for parents

Compatibility of family and work is not always easy, in everyday life there are often many hurdles to overcome. It requires a comprehensive organization so that parents and children do not lose their balance in an age of stress. Instead of losing time, it is all the more important to win, because it also increases the quality of life - for the entire family.

Omeprazole: side effects and effects

Omeprazole is an active substance that is used for inflammation and ulcers in the gastrointestinal area. Omeprazole can be used for therapy as well as for prevention. The goal is in both cases: to reduce the production of stomach acid by taking omeprazole. Omeprazole is primarily used to help alleviate and prevent pain in inflammation and ulcers in the esophagus, stomach or intestines by inhibiting gastric acid production.

Premenstrual syndrome

Signs of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can range from distressing to death, from energetic to tired and unconcentrated - the monthly ups and downs of hormones cause many women to fluctuate in physical and mental well-being. The days before the days are not the best for many women.

Tilidine - painkillers with side effects

Tilidine is an artificially produced active substance used in strong analgesics. Sadness gained the substance by its popularity in the drug scene. Also, some youthful thugs allegedly take Tilidin to be less sensitive to pain and less inhibited in a fight.

Nuts - tasty and full-bodied

Nuts - tasty and nutritious Nuts - tips for shopping and storage Nuts are in high season during the cold season. As the selection of fresh local fruits and vegetables slows down, the nutty snack is a nourishing snack in between. Thereby, some nuts are good for a surprise.

22 tips for proper nail care

Many people look at their fellow human beings first on the hands and fingernails. It is all the more important to maintain your nails regularly. Here are 22 valuable tips for hand and nail care. With these tips, you are up to date on how to properly maintain and cleanse his fingernails.

Do you burn the most calories with jogging?

The fact that exercise and exercise help to burn fat and reduce calories is no longer a secret. Which sports but let the pounds tumble the fastest, argue the experts. So far, fat athletes ranked endurance sports such as running, swimming, cycling and inline skating.


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