Buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth

Quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat are the best-known representatives of the so-called pseudo-cereals, because they form starchy grains similar to cereals. Their seeds can be processed like grains of grain, so that they can be consumed as rice, for example, as a garnish. They can also be used for baking bread, but only together with wheat, rye or spelled flour, because they lack the Gluten gluten important for dough loosening.

Coffee: Help with weight loss?

Hardly any other drink is given as many effects as the coffee: It is intended to expel fatigue, promote concentration, relieve headaches and activate fat burning. Above all, the knowledge of the stimulating effect of caffeine on the cardiovascular system has led to the fact that coffee in many a diet guide is touted as a "miracle cure" to lose weight.

Codeine for cough

The opiate codeine is used in medicine for the treatment of dry cough (dry cough). It is also used as a painkiller in combination preparations with acetaminophen or other analgesics. Since codeine has a damping effect on the respiratory center, respiratory depression can occur as a side effect.

What you need to know about underweight

Article Content What you need to know about underweight Underweight - risk and therapy Underweight people are often called "beanstalk", "ironing board" or "asparagus resin": those who are extremely thin do not always have it easy. From a medical point of view, "being thin" does not automatically mean "being healthy".

Honeydew melon: healthy vitamin bomb

Whether melon, watermelon, cantaloupe melon or Galiamelone - the selection of different types of melons in the supermarket is great. The honeydew melon is easily recognizable by its bright yellow color and is perfect for a refreshing snack, especially on hot summer days: Due to its high water content, this melon has only a few calories (kcal), but still has a fruity aroma and a sweetish taste.

White tea

White tea is one of the most valuable teas in the world. For the production of one kilogram of tea requires up to 30,000 young buds of the tea plant. White tea originally comes from the Fujian province of China and has a long tradition there. Even then, white tea was promised healing and health promoting powers.

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Diet in liver disease

A targeted diet for liver diseases is designed to protect the liver. In case of health problems with the liver, foods high in fat should be avoided. Spicy spices and certain types of vegetables such as cabbage should not eat liver disease in order to avoid straining the liver unnecessarily.

Deafness affects partnership

The basis of any partnership is communication with each other. However, communication does not always succeed due to a variety of factors: we talk past each other, sometimes prefer to remain silent instead of addressing something, and sometimes just do not listen to it - deliberately, but sometimes also unintentionally.

Dandelion - Do not mow, but eat

Because of weeds and rabbit food: The dandelion weed, which is native to all of Europe, often frowned upon as a weed, is experiencing a renaissance because it is versatile not only in the kitchen but also in medicine. Its over 500 nicknames indicate that the dandelion, whose botanical name is Taraxacum officinale ("bitter herb"), is a well-known plant.

Live vegetarian = live healthier?

"Cibi innocentes, innocent foods, are foods that are obtained without bloodshed." This is what the church father Jerome of Bethlehem (331-420) said long ago - an attitude shared by most vegetarians. Respect for life is one of the main motives to eat no meat and no fish.


Caffeine content: effects and side effects Caffeine: interactions and use Starting a day without a hot cup of coffee is unimaginable for many people. The caffeine contained in the coffee gets our circulation going and has a positive effect on our mood. On average, every German consumes about 200 milligrams of caffeine daily - in addition to coffee, the intake is also about tea, cola, energy drinks and chocolate.

Metformin helps with type 2 diabetes

Metformin is used to treat type 2 diabetes. Thanks to many years of experience, metformin is a reliable active ingredient for lowering the elevated blood sugar level in diabetes mellitus. Meanwhile, this drug is also recommended in certain forms of the cycle disorder. However, some contraindications and side effects must be considered in order for metformin to be taken safely.

Car and sight: Good drive with good visibility

Article Content Car and Vision: Good Driving with Good Visibility Car and Vision - Winter Tips Summer is over, days are getting shorter, daylight is less. Wet leaves make the road a slide, the first night frost threatens, in the morning inexperienced ABC marksmen in the street. In autumn, motorists need a heightened awareness of dangers.


Magnesium has many functions in the human body. It has an effect on the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle, the release of adrenaline and bone mineralization. It is also responsible for the activation of over 300 enzymes in the metabolism. As a blood clotting inhibitor, magnesium can prevent thrombosis (blood clots).

The dragon fruit - a consistently healthy exotics

The little-known dragon fruit in this country - Pitahaya or Pitaya, so the real name - belongs to the family of cacti. Since the fruit shell consists of flaky lobes and thus reminiscent of the scales of a dragon, it is colloquially known as dragon fruit. Because of this special appearance, the sweet to sour tasting, egg-shaped fruit, such as the star fruit or the physalis, often used for purely decorative purposes.

Different types of food - do I eat properly?

Actually, it would be very simple: We eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Often there is not enough time for a proper meal, or we feel uncomfortable with our weight and want to lose weight. But diets can end with eating disorders. And hectic eating is often associated with an unhealthy diet.

Kissing is healthy

Up to 100,000 kisses are distributed by a person in a 70-year life. These caresses are well laid out: kissing is not only fun, it's also healthy. And when a kiss is intense enough, it even consumes calories. Kissing also has an influence on blood pressure, the immune system and the development of stress hormones.

Do you burn the most calories with jogging?

The fact that exercise and exercise help to burn fat and reduce calories is no longer a secret. Which sports but let the pounds tumble the fastest, argue the experts. So far, fat athletes ranked endurance sports such as running, swimming, cycling and inline skating.


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