Massive sunbathing produces vitamin D.

Many vacationers dare only with sun hats, T-shirts and oiled thick to the beach. Children are not allowed to leave the shade of the parasols while playing: for fear of the risks, many people only go into the sun with bad feelings. But it depends on the dose. And those who avoid the sun also miss their numerous positive effects.

Pizza: Healthy or unhealthy?

Pizza is generally considered to be rather unhealthy - after all, many pizzas deliver large amounts of fat and therefore many calories. But depending on the dough and topping, pizza is not that unhealthy in reality. According to an Italian study, regular consumption should protect us from even a heart attack.

Consequences of overweight

Not every pound above normal weight makes you sick. But overweight, if it persists for a long time, is still a trailblazer for many illnesses. Often, the first symptoms are shortness of breath when climbing stairs, sleep apnea (more than ten seconds of persistent respiratory arrest during sleep), increased tendency to sweat, joint and joint pain.

Remove the cornea: That's how it works!

Cornea protects our hands and feet from pressure and friction. Despite its important function, cornea is often considered ugly and removed. When removing the firm skin layers, however, you can do a lot wrong. We reveal how to properly remove your cornea and which home remedies are particularly effective.

Water ice: a low calorie refreshment?

As the name implies, water ice is predominantly the main constituent of the human body: water. There are also ingredients such as sugar, colorings and flavorings. Due to the high water content, water ice hardly has any calories. Especially on hot summer days, water ice is popular as a pleasant refreshment.

Hair Care - Protective and Nursing Measures

Article Content Proper Hair Care Hair Care - Protective and Nourishing Hair needs protection from sunlight and other harmful influences. You should definitely keep this in mind - not only on summer holidays: protection against UV light: Whether a hat or hat with a wide brim - the main thing is the hair is hiding from bright sunlight.

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Yoga for a good gut feeling

Abdominal pain always hits us when we can not use it at all. A good remedy for abdominal pain - even if it is difficult - gentle movement. We show you the ideal relaxation program. These yoga exercises help you to relax your middle, so that the unpleasant stomach ailments are quickly forgotten.

Exfoliation by microdermabrasion

Every day our skin is stressed. Wind and weather, intense UV radiation and, not least, frequent contact with water and washing substances or cosmetics can damage the skin and the natural skin barrier. With the microdermabrasion, a mechanical peeling method, the skin structure can be improved.

The best diaper for the baby

Some parents swear on cloth diapers, others on their disposable variants. But which is the best diaper for babies Popo? For about three years, children wear diapers, in recent years, rather longer. In newborns, they must be changed up to eight times a day, later about five times. About the "winding years" come there easily between 6.

Tips for the Naschverhalten

Article content Fancy sweets? Tips for snacking As the saying goes: The dose makes the poison. Those who like to eat chocolate do not necessarily have to switch to gummy bears just because they do not deliver any fat. Although it should always be kept in mind that fat has significantly more calories than sugar. But even sugar can make you fat in larger quantities.

New Year's Eve: Healthy New Year

The Germans and the Romans celebrated the festivities at the turn of the year. The name New Year's Eve used in Germany is the feast day of the first holy pope of history, who did not suffer a martyrdom. To ensure that the New Year's Eve party does not turn into a martyr for you on your name day, you should pay close attention to the following to avoid accidents and dangers and greet the New Year with a happy, carefree New Year's Eve party.


Lack of drive, bad mood and no friends in everyday activities are typical of an inhibited apathetic depression. The antidepressant citalopram can help to lighten the mood and to find new impulses again. It has been prescribed since the mid-1980s and has been one of the most widely used antidepressants since 1990.

Parent-child cures: relaxation for body and soul

If parents run out of breath or children can not get properly healthy, then offers a cure. Parent-child cures are holistic treatment measures that take into account not only the actual clinical pictures but also the psychological well-being. Cures are often used for treatment when the therapies at the place of residence are exhausted and no improvement has occurred.

The 8 points program for medicines in the medicine cabinet

Medicines can only work properly if used correctly. For the sake of your health, you should therefore follow some important rules for the proper handling of medicines - and have the most important resources in your home pharmacy in stock. Dealing with medication requires a great deal of care.

Soups for losing weight

Soups are growing in popularity not only in Germany but throughout Europe. During the lunch break you go to the soup bar today, where you can choose between the most varied types of soup. However, a visit to the soup bar is not only worthwhile for the health conscious, but also for those who are currently dieting.

Amitriptyline: unpleasant side effects

Amitriptyline: effects, dosage and adverse reactions Amitriptyline: Contraindications and Interactions The active substance Amitriptyline is used primarily for the treatment of depression. In addition, he is also suitable for the treatment of chronic pain. Like many other antidepressants, amitriptyline also has side effects.

Apples: Tasty and healthy

Apples: Tasty and Healthy Apple Varieties - a Small Ingredient Apples - Enjoyable at Any Time of the Day Over 30 vitamins and trace minerals, 100 to 180 milligrams of potassium and many other valuable minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium or iron carries an average sized apple in and below it Bowl.

How strong is your tinnitus?

Tinnitus can produce a high level of suffering in those affected. Some feel greatly affected by the ear noise, others feel tinnitus less stressful. Not only the perceived volume or the pitch of the sound are decisive. In order to make the mental stress of a tinnitus patient measurable and to be able to develop an individual therapy plan, a determination of severity makes sense.


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