What is ginger?

The ginger root is one of the oldest spices from the tropics. Even in ancient Chinese and ancient Indian Sanskrit writings she is mentioned as an elixir of life. Versatile root In Asian alternative medicine, ginger, which is botanically a rhizome (rootstock), is used in the form of teas or baths for rheumatism, muscle problems and colds.

Tips for the berry time

Summertime means berry time: the aromatic berry varieties, which taste just as pure as juice or compote, are enticing with their varied offerings. In addition, the healthy as well as delicious berries provide numerous valuable ingredients. Most associate it with summer - the bright colors and the sweet and sour, refreshing taste of berry fruit.

Coenzyme Q10: lack rather rare

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that was discovered in 1957 at the University of Wisconsin. Q10 is produced both by the body itself and by food. Nevertheless, some manufacturers offer supplements, creams and lotions with extra portions of coenzyme Q10.

Peas: healthy enjoyment

Peas enrich the diet as a pea stew, in soups, as puree or as a delicious Zuckerschote. The round-bellied vegetables are small, but they're packed with peas, so there are plenty of peas on proteins and other healthy ingredients. We'll tell you what's in peas and what to look for in terms of shelf life.

Fit feet by foot exercises

On our feet is always reliable, every day they carry us through everyday life and ultimately through our lives - in so far as they are healthy. Deformation on the feet can cause foot problems and pain. With special gym exercises in the office or on long trips, the musculature of the feet can be strengthened and possible foot problems can be prevented.

Kale: many advantages, many possibilities

Kale is one of the most nutritious, healthiest and most versatile vegetables. Kale belongs to the family of the Kreuzblütengewächse and is a breeding form of Kohls. Whether with meat, in vegetarian dishes or raw - the vegetables are very popular. Low in calories, but rich in healthy ingredients, kale is even called a superfood.

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Prevent premature births - recognize vaginal infections early

Vaginal infections are the most common cause of premature births from the 24th week of pregnancy. They can migrate up through the cervix and cervical canal into the amniotic sac and switch to amniotic fluid and child. Most of these infections are caused by bacteria, fungi or chlamydia.

Intensive care unit

Article content Intensive Care Unit Intensive Care Unit: What does an intensive care unit look like? Intensive Care Unit: What do relatives still want to know? Not only an intensive care, but also an intensive experience for those affected and relatives: As scary the apparatus appear and disturbing the constant activity act, so vital are the monitoring and therapy in the intensive care unit for the patient.

Why you get pressure on the ears in a plane?

Only a few moments after the start of the plane, you hear a "crackling" in your ears and feel that you are hearing worse: everyone knows these problems when flying. But where does the pressure on the ears and what helps against the complaints after takeoff and landing? We give the answers.


Article Content Spermiogram Spermiogram: Examination for Childlessness Many couples only start to have children after several years of being together. But often it is not as easy as planned to put this wish into reality. The examination of the sperm is an important piece of the puzzle in the search for the cause.

10 medicinal plants for a healthy skin

They grow modestly on the wayside, on forest and meadows, look small and inconspicuous. But in many plants, flowers and herbs are healing powers that not only promote good health, but also make it beautiful. Applied in creams, masks or lotions, many medicinal plants can conjure a radiant complexion.

Drinking water pollution by drugs

Content of the article Potable water from drinking water Drinking water from medicines - wastewater treatment In the opinion of environmental experts, drug residues in drinking water are a growing problem. Ten active ingredients - including bezafibrate (to reduce blood lipid levels), diclofenac (analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs), ibuprofen (painkillers), antibiotics and X-ray contrast media - have been repeatedly detected, including various painkillers and X-ray contrast agents, says the toxicologist.

Spinach - which is in the leafy vegetables

By mistake, spinach has long been considered ten times more iron-rich than it is in reality. But even if spinach is no longer on the top of the list of iron-containing foods, the vegetables have a lot to offer. Numerous healthy ingredients and few calories make the leafy vegetables not only a popular ingredient in many recipes, but also the ideal food during a diet.

Where does the Easter egg come from?

It is well known that the hare does not lay eggs, and therefore probably is not responsible for the colorful stains we find every year in our nests at Easter time. So where did the stories of the Easter Bunny come from, and why are eggs given away for Easter? We will give you a brief outline of the Easter miracles ... Easter is considered the oldest celebration of Christian churches.

Biorhythm and drugs

The bad news: biorhythm calculations are about as meaningful as coffee grounds. The good: The biological rhythm exists. In the course of its evolution, man has developed an inner clock that, seen over the span of a day, adjusted to the alternation between light and dark.

This helps against cellulite (orange peel)

Article content This helps against cellulite (Orange peel) 10 practical tips against cellulite The summer lures and with it short, fashionable clothes. Unfortunately, the pleasure is often clouded, because on thighs and buttocks show in many women unsightly dents - cellulite. Nine out of ten of the over 30s are affected by the "orange peel".

Why do we blush at embarrassment?

Flushing with embarrassment, shame, anger or joy is a natural reaction of our body. Responsible for this is the autonomic nervous system. It controls all processes which are not subject to our will and which we therefore can not consciously control. These include primarily the so-called vital functions such as breathing, circulation, metabolism and water balance.

Water ice: a low calorie refreshment?

As the name implies, water ice is predominantly the main constituent of the human body: water. There are also ingredients such as sugar, colorings and flavorings. Due to the high water content, water ice hardly has any calories. Especially on hot summer days, water ice is popular as a pleasant refreshment.


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