Avocado - the healthy calorie bomb

While the avocado was only available a few years ago in selected stores or from the well-stocked greengrocer, today it is part of the standard assortment in almost every supermarket. But what exactly is the avocado? A fruit or vegetables? Or is not she one of the healthy foods because of her high fat content?

Oregano: spice with healing properties

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is commonly known today as "pizza spice". The herb-aromatic fragrant herb is an indispensable part of the modern kitchen, although this plant has only been used for about 200 years for seasoning. As a remedy, however, oregano was already used by the ancient Greeks, which is why its name comes from the Greek language and translates as "jewelry of the mountains" means (Oros = Mountain, Gonos = jewelry, shine).

Calcium: Vital mineral

No other mineral is found in the human body in such large quantities as calcium (calcium). An adult carries 1,000 to 1,500 grams, with 99 percent of the mineral in the bones and teeth stuck. However, calcium not only strengthens the skeleton, but also plays an important role in the work of the muscles, blood clotting, heart rhythm and important metabolic processes.

Watermelons as a healthy refreshment

The watermelon enjoys great popularity, especially in the summer, because on hot days we enjoy the juicy fruit. A high water content and fruity taste make watermelons a healthy refreshment - almost without calories. This melon variety is best eaten fresh and raw, but delicious watermelon recipes such as punch, smoothies or fruit sorbet are the hit at every garden party.

How healthy is toast?

Toastbread seems to be very disreputable among people who avoid white flour. But is toast really unhealthy, as many assume? Or is toast perhaps more nutritious than you think? We examined the ingredients and the health benefits of toasted bread and then reveal whether it is a healthy alternative to bread or rather "junk food".

Why do we cry when cutting onion?

Anyone who has ever cut onions, knows what happens then - the eyes start to cry, we cry! But why is that? As long as the onion is uncut on the kitchen board, there is neither the flavor nor the tear factor. However, as soon as it is cut, the cells of the onion release substances that form a gas that rises into the eyes.

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Sports and nutrition: supplementation and drinks

Article Content Sport and Nutrition Sport and Nutrition: Diet Sport and Nutrition: Nutritional Supplements and Drinks Nutritional supplements - only for high-performance athletes Nutritional supplements (NEMs) are foods that are offered in foods that are atypical for foods, such as effervescent, sucking and chewing tablets , Capsules, dragees, flakes, powder, granules, juice or bran.

Triathlon - swimming, cycling, running

Article content Triathlon - swimming, cycling, running Triathlon - technique saves strength In Hawaii, most people think of holidays, sun, beach and recreation, whereas triathletes connect the island paradise with the origin of their sport, where the first triathlon was held in 1978. Endurance athletes have to find out if swimmers, cyclists or runners are the better ones.

Opioids - no effect without side effect

Plasters containing the potent opiate fentanyl are now standard on chronic pain. How the patient tolerates and accepts the therapy, however, depends essentially on whether side effects are treated. Nausea, constipation and dizziness are the most common side effects of opioids.

Sertraline for depression

The active ingredient sertraline is used to treat depression as well as anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. The antidepressant develops its effect in the brain, where it increases the concentration of the messenger serotonin. Like other antidepressants, sertraline has side effects: Dizziness, headaches and gastrointestinal problems may occur during treatment.

Skiing: With helmet, without alcohol

Article content Healthy skiing Skiing: with helmet, without alcohol In addition to physical fitness, other factors in skiing play an important role in getting you back from the piste healthy and well. Easily ends a departure in the hospital instead of at the valley station, if one relies solely on his physical fitness.

When noise becomes a burden - what to do?

Do you sometimes long in vain for silence because you can not or do not want to "hear" the everyday noise? Do you occasionally bother the music in the department store or in the lift? Are you one of the 70% of Germans complaining about street noise? Or do you have only a few problems with volume, maybe even loud disco music?

Paddling: stay healthy, get fit

The days get longer and warmer and in the morning you leave the house to the lively chirping of birds - when spring is in full bloom, it drives many sun-seekers out of the house. If the winter bacon is still sitting on the hips, the motivation for physical exercise grows. But who wants to spend his free time in the gym in the nice weather?

What you can do against jealousy

Surely, almost every person was once jealous. For some, occasional jealousy is even part of a partnership. With control calls and jealousy scenes, however, one quickly puts his relationship at risk. We show what you can do to get your jealousy under control.

Weight Watchers Christmas cookies

Contents Weight Watchers Christmas Pastries Weight Watchers Christmas Pastries - Apple-Pear Stollen Weight Watchers Christmas Pastries - Syrup-Walnut Cookies Cookie baking is just as much a part of Advent and Christmas as visiting the Christmas market or decorating the Christmas tree.

Coconut oil and coconut fat

Coconut oil (coconut oil) is a particularly highly heatable vegetable oil that is extracted from the nutritive tissue of coconut (copra). At room temperature, coconut oil has a solid state of aggregation and a whitish color - in this form it is called coconut fat. Coconut oil is mainly used in the kitchen for frying and baking, but it is also used in cosmetics.

Women sleep differently

If you roll back and forth forever before your eyes close in the evening, the night can be tormenting. This is especially true for women, because they are significantly more affected by sleep disorders than men. Researchers found that not only is women's sleep easier, but the two sleepers are also more worried about anxiety and worry than men.

Quinine-containing drinks are not for pregnant women

Tonic or bitter lemon drinks are labeled "containing quinine". The reason for this is known to very few consumers: Even if the consumption of quinine-containing beverages is unproblematic for the majority of the population, the consumption of larger amounts for individual persons can be a health concern.


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