Acetylsalicylic acid

Although the name is a tongue twister, but the drug has star quality: acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Whether it's a headache, a toothache, a fever or a hangover after a night of sleep - almost everyone has helped ASS before. As early as 1850, this little brother of salicylic acid was first produced by the French chemist Charles Frederick Gerhardt.

Black cumin oil - controversial panacea

Black cumin oil is considered an ancient remedy that was used thousands of years ago for a variety of complaints. So the oil, which is won from the genuine black cumin (Nigella sativa), among other things to help beautiful skin and hair as well as against ticks, hay fever and other allergies help.

Drinking water pollution by drugs

Content of the article Potable water from drinking water Drinking water from medicines - wastewater treatment In the opinion of environmental experts, drug residues in drinking water are a growing problem. Ten active ingredients - including bezafibrate (to reduce blood lipid levels), diclofenac (analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs), ibuprofen (painkillers), antibiotics and X-ray contrast media - have been repeatedly detected, including various painkillers and X-ray contrast agents, says the toxicologist.

10 tips for a healthy, long life

Everyone wishes to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible. With a healthy lifestyle you can do a lot for yourself. The most important factors are nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep, abstinence from indulgence and a positive attitude towards life. A conscious lifestyle increases your chances of staying fit into old age.

Diet for hypothyroidism

There is a link between hypothyroidism and nutrition. The best known is that an iodine deficiency can cause a hypofunction of the thyroid gland. But for other causes as well as for prevention, the proper nutrition can positively influence the function of the thyroid gland.

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Ice Hockey - More harmless than it looks

If the players crash hard against the gang, skid meter-wide over the ice or get a stick between the ribs in a fall, you do not want to trade as a spectator. But as hard as ice hockey may seem, the sport is more harmless than many think. Because the professional protective equipment that is standard for hockey players today, can cushion most sticks and falls.


The spirulina belongs to the cyanobacteria, which colloquially are also called blue-green algae. According to the oldest fossil finds, the existence of cyanobacteria can already be detected 3.5 billion years ago. Presumably, they were thus already involved in the sour-oxygen enrichment of the primal atmosphere and thus influenced today's composition of the earth's atmosphere.

Purifying honey massage

Honey is popular as a sweet treat in children and adults. But honey can not only be used as a delicious food, for thousands of years, the golden yellow bee product is also used in cosmetics and in treatments of natural medicine. A massage with honey is beneficial for the whole body and at the same time conjures up a velvety-tender skin.

Correctly interpret body signals

If something is wrong with our health, our body often sends warning signals. For example, stomach problems or headaches can be the result of stress or a lot of mental stress. But even external signs such as pale skin, tongue coating or discolored fingernails can be evidence of disease or deficiency symptoms.

Doxepin helps with depression

Doxepin is an active ingredient belonging to the group of tricyclic antidepressants. It is mainly used to treat depression, but it can also be used for anxiety and addiction therapy. Ingestion may cause side effects such as tiredness, dizziness, itching and weight gain.

Christmas time - everything could be so nice

In Advent and at Christmas more than 90 percent long for harmony and silence, want tranquility and want to spend more time with family and friends. But what does reality often look like: quarrels in the family and many people who are alone and suffer from loneliness.

Hyaluronic acid for joints and skin

Hyaluronic Acid is traded as a miracle weapon in Anti Aging. Even with problems with joints, this endogenous substance is used in therapy. No wonder, because hyaluronic acid is a legendary active ingredient with a versatile field of use in the body. From a chemical point of view, hyaluronic acid is a chain of sugar molecules.

Why is it cold on our backs when chalk squeaks?

Whether chalking squeaks on a board, scraping fingernails over polystyrene, or slipping a fork over the plate, there are sounds that make most people wince and feel an icy chill on their necks. The sound is perceived as unbearable, the hair on the back stand up and goose bumps on the arms.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Vitamin Niacin is also known as Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP (Pellagra Preventing). By definition, vitamins are substances that can not be produced by the human body itself. Therefore, niacin is not a vitamin in the classical sense, because it can be taken on the one hand on food, on the other hand but also produced by the body itself.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric (also called Curcuma longa) is a native of Southeastern Asia subspecies of the turmeric plant. It belongs to the ginger family and is grown especially in India. Maybe you have ever seen pictures of an Indian trader with his brightly colored spices? Among them could have been the turmeric spice.

Cherries - healthy and round

Summer time is cherries time! That means cherries eat in the fresh air in the sunshine. While in April and May the blossoming cherry trees enchant with their sight, in the cherry harvest season between June and August, the ripe, juicy vitamin bombs are available everywhere. Delicious cherries recipe are very popular.

Vitamins, Minerals & Co.

The Germans eat far fewer fruits and vegetables than their southern European neighbors - and that against better knowledge of the health benefits. Then the pharmacists are in demand as consultants and help the "vitamin unwilling" customers with nutritional supplements. Also, the diet of children and adolescents is often not optimal, is usually too fat and too sweet.

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