Ginger: Not only helpful for colds

Ginger is not only popular in the kitchen, where its spicy aroma refines various dishes. Even in medicine, the sharp tuber is increasingly attracting attention. So she should be helpful in numerous health problems, including muscle pain or travel sickness. Similarly, many people resort to ginger in the event of a cold because it is said to have a stimulating effect on the immune system: try it for yourself, for example with a ginger tea or a carrot-ginger soup.

What is Peri Peri?

Peri Peri, also known by the Portuguese name for all the very spicy chili species - Piri Piri - is an extremely hot chilli strain that may have become known to the wider public through background reports surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is - because there serves the spicy plant as a spice mixture for refinement of many dishes.

Mascara tips

Article Content Mascara Tips Mascara-DONTs Mascara or mascara - the name does not matter, but the right application is crucial for the perfect look. What to do if mascara crumbles or smells unpleasant? Which type of brush do you need for which eyelashes? In our mascara DOs and mascara DONTs, we answer these and other questions and tell you what you should definitely pay attention to or better avoid.

Biorhythm - The internal clock

Article Content Biorhythm - The Internal Clock Biorhythm - The Chronobiology Biorhythm - The Chinese Clock Like almost all creatures, humans follow biological rhythms and cycles that have been shown to be vital in the course of development. The connections are explored by a rather young scientific discipline, chronobiology.

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Popular Posts

15 rules for healthy aging

Healthy aging - who does not want that? For the older a person gets, the more precious his health appears to him. And what would one ultimately have from "deserved" retirement if one were sick and immobile. The Federal Association for Health e. V. has therefore developed 15 rules for healthy aging.


Article Content Obesity Obesity - Causes Obesity - Follow Obesity - Therapy and Treatment Obesity - Prevent Fat Parents, Fat Kids - Doctors sound the alarm. The number of people with a strong overweight continues to rise. Tips on diet and losing weight seem to have little effect.

Diabetes in animals - How does diabetes affect the animal?

Article content Diabetes in animals - Diabetes also affects quadruple diabetes in animals - How is diabetes noticeable in animals? How does diabetes affect the animal? In order to be able to excrete the excess blood sugar, a diabetic animal must drink very large quantities and accordingly excrete more.

Healthy lemon: First aid for a cold

Lemons are real all-rounders: a hot lemon should help with colds and sore throats because of its high vitamin C content. In addition, lemon juice should also be good for the hair and help against pimples. But what about the whole assertions? We reveal why lemons are so healthy and in which complaints they actually have a positive effect.

Corn: healthy enjoyment

Corn has a permanent place in our diet: In many households, the day begins with a portion of cornflakes. The cereals can also be eaten cooked or roasted as a side dish, as a porridge instead of rice or in the form of popcorn as a snack in between. In contrast to other cereals, corn has the advantage that it does not contain gluten and is therefore also suitable for people with celiac disease.

Nomophobia: What is behind it?

The term "nomophobia" describes the fear of being unreachable via the smartphone. The term comes from the English-speaking world and is the abbreviation for "No-Mobile-Phone-Phobia". This translates to as much as "afraid to have no mobile phone". A 2012 study found that 66 percent of UK mobile phone users fear mobile inaccessibility.

Stimulate metabolism - that's how it works!

Our metabolism and our weight are closely related: If you have an active metabolism, losing weight is easier. How active the metabolism is depends on various factors. Among other things, age, gender and diet play a role. Fortunately, however, you can do a lot to get a slow metabolism going.

Wasabi: Sharp from Japan

Anyone who has eaten sushi knows Wasabi as well: The green wasabi paste is usually served with the tasty sushi snacks. However, you should be on your guard when tasting the Japanese spice for the first time, as wasabi tastes very spicy. In contrast to chilies, which cause a sharp sensation of taste in the mouth and especially on the tongue, the sharpness of Wasabi rises in the nose and burns in the throat.

Cross-country skiing: optimal winter sports for all ages

If you think that cross-country skiing is just for older people, you're wrong. Cross-country skiing makes everyone fit and is one of the most effective endurance sports. Whether classical style or skating - the rhythmic movements optimally stress muscles and cardiovascular system. Cross-country skiing is not a matter of age and is one of the healthiest sports ever.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Humans depend on the daily intake of vitamin C from food. If the vitamin is missing over a longer period of time, the deficiency disease scurvy develops. This seafaring disease has long been extinct with us, because through our food, the basic supply is covered. In certain times or situations, however, it is advisable to increase its vitamin C intake.

Melissa - gentle medicine for body and soul

Because of its lemon-like odor, the plant is usually called "lemon balm". But other popular names such as Nervenkräutel, women's well-being, Herztrost point to the manifold use in the past and present. As a gentle medicine for body and soul, the balm is good for lay people.

Vinegar & oil in their best form

According to the Greek legend, the goddess Athena, in competition with Poseidon, planted a young olive tree for the benefit of humanity. Its fruits should be human food, light source, medicines and beauty products. Olive oil of the highest quality There are over a hundred different olive varieties.


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