Stewardess disease - wrong creams can hurt

Also with the skin care does not necessarily the principle "much helps much". On the contrary, the excessive use of various skin creams can lead to permanent damage in people with sensitive skin. This is what the experts at the Prevention Campaign point out to skin from statutory health and accident insurance.

5 tips against the November blues

The days are getting shorter and the evenings longer - the dark season has begun. The darker the days, the miserable is the mood for many people. The phenomenon can be explained easily: If light is missing, our mood goes into the cellar. The seasons and the weather can not be changed, but with small tricks you can outsmart the mood low.

Mascara tips

Article Content Mascara Tips Mascara-DONTs Mascara or mascara - the name does not matter, but the right application is crucial for the perfect look. What to do if mascara crumbles or smells unpleasant? Which type of brush do you need for which eyelashes? In our mascara DOs and mascara DONTs, we answer these and other questions and tell you what you should definitely pay attention to or better avoid.

Mother's Day is coming to Europe

Article content The story of Mother's Day Mother's Day comes to Europe The leap to Europe The idea quickly spread - especially among manufacturers and traders of flowers, chocolates and greetings cards. In the early 1920s, the Salvation Army brought the idea across the pond to Europe.

Tennis training without injuries

A true tennis marathon: over eleven hours of playing time without any injury - happened in the record-breaking game of Wimbledon 2010 between the American John Isner and the Frenchman Nicolas Mahut. Not only for the sport tennis applies: only the right and varied training can prevent injuries and minimize the risk of injuring tennis.

Aspartame - sweet poison?

It is packed in sugar-free chewing gum, low-calorie yogurts and many other diet products. Aspartame is a chemical sweetener that promises low-sugar diets, but its side effects are controversial. While critics accuse aspartame of carcinogenic ingredients, experts give the all-clear - despite to be considered side effects.

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New Year's Eve: Healthy New Year

The Germans and the Romans celebrated the festivities at the turn of the year. The name New Year's Eve used in Germany is the feast day of the first holy pope of history, who did not suffer a martyrdom. To ensure that the New Year's Eve party does not turn into a martyr for you on your name day, you should pay close attention to the following to avoid accidents and dangers and greet the New Year with a happy, carefree New Year's Eve party.

Side effects of cortisone

Cortisol (cortisone) Cortisone as a drug Side effects of cortisone Because cortisone is used as a drug only in dosages that are above the natural hormone levels, the body responds to the hormone excess. The side effects are therefore quasi-normal responses to the corticosteroid stimuli - as these are elevated, the effects are also enhanced.

Cucumbers: low-calorie slimming products

Cucumbers are a welcome refreshment, especially in summer, because their high water content provides our bodies with plenty of fluids. The high water content also ensures that cucumbers have only a few calories. The healthy slimming products may therefore be enjoyed in larger quantities and also during diets without feeling guilty.

Bullying at work

Lately, you get appointments late, or just by chance. Your boss recently criticized you not only in private, but also at the team meeting. They always stay on the unpopular tasks. Coincidences or signs of bullying? We give you answers to questions around the topic "Mobbing at work" and explain the background.

Weather sensitivity - when the weather makes you sick

Article content Weather sensitivity - when the weather makes you sick Weather sensitivity - tips against weather problems The moody April is characterized by abrupt weather changes, strong temperature fluctuations, but also humid weather or hair dryer. More than one in three Germans is more or less sensitive to the weather.

What is xylitol (xylitol)?

Xylitol (chemical: pentane pentene) belongs to the group of sugar alcohols, which include, for example, sorbitol or lactitol. It is mainly used in the food industry as a sugar substitute. Here, the substance is particularly popular because it is said to have an anti-cariogenic effect. Xylitol, in contrast to ordinary table sugar (sucrose), has no harmful effect on our teeth, but should even have a positive effect on our dental health.

What is behind the abbreviation "RR" when measuring blood pressure?

The principle of bloodless blood pressure measurement goes back to the Italian physician Scipione Riva-Rocci (1863-1943), therefore the abbreviation RR according to Riva-Rocci is usual for the blood pressure measured on the arm. The apparatus that Riva-Rocci made consisted of a bicycle tube, which he used as a humeral cuff, a rubber balloon to inflate the cuff, and a mercury barometer to measure the pressure in the artery.

Digestive Problems: Natural Help

When the intestines go on strike, that's a taboo subject for many. This can often be the cause of malaise and listlessness. But there is help: With gentle means from nature, the disturbed digestion comes back into balance. Constipation can have many causes - remedy on the gentle route According to a publication of the "Ärzte-Zeitung" have about 15 percent of women and 5 percent of men have problems with digestion, the incidence increases with age.

What do you know about drinking water?

What makes water hard? How is water quality controlled in Germany? With these and other questions around the food drinking water the forum drinking water e.V. started a representative survey to the knowledge of the Germans over their food number one. Most people in Germany can only answer one of three questions correctly - according to the results of a representative survey by TNS Emnid, Institute for Market and Opinion Research.

Mulled wine

Seductive is the smell of cinnamon and cloves, cardamom and oranges - especially when it flows from the steam of mulled wine into the cold noses of the Christmas market visitors. Deceptive, however, is the belief that warm alcohol can warm the cold feet and ears sustainably. What is the good thing about mulled wine?

Heart check: medical examinations

Article Content Heart Check: When to the doctor? Heart Check: Medical Examinations Whether you have coronary artery disease, your doctor can tell you by a series of simple examination methods. For example, initial information includes a pulse and blood pressure measurement, listening to the stethoscope and a detailed description of the symptoms.

Treat nausea in pregnancy

About 75 percent of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. For most women, nausea is limited to the first three months of pregnancy. In extreme cases, however, the symptoms may persist throughout the entire nine months. Often, the nausea is accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting or diarrhea.

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