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Tai Chi as a philosophy of life

In today's society, a balance of movement in everyday life in the office is becoming increasingly important. One way to fight tension, stress and disengagement is called Tai Chi (also called Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan). According to legend, Tai Chi was developed by the Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng after seeing a serpent with a white crane fight.

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Stress already in the womb?

The unborn gets a lot more than we think. Misfortune, fear or anger, but also feelings of happiness - the little one escapes so fast. Increases, for example, the blood pressure or the heartbeat of the mother are increasingly secreted hormones or adrenaline, which receives the baby via the umbilical cord.

Sunburn, Sunstroke & Co.

Summer is here. Finally out into the open, go barbecue or go swimming. But what if the sun burns, bites threaten insects, or your eyes are watering in the open car. Sunstroke Too much sun exposure on the unprotected head can cause a sunstroke - the cause is probably an irritation or swelling in the brain.

Natural cosmetics - beauty from nature

More and more women are turning to selected organic products to care for their body and face. Organic is clearly on trend, a demolition of the bio-cosmetic wave is not in sight. No wonder, because our skin loves to be cared for with natural raw materials. Natural cosmetics have been on the market for many years.

Diet in celiac disease (sprue)

Celiac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine. By intolerance to gluten, a gluten protein contained in cereals, shrink the small intestine protuberances. This means that fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals and even water can no longer be properly absorbed into the body.

Diet in ulcerative colitis

Nutrition in Colitis Ulcerosa While the disease Crohn's disease can affect the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the anus, the disease is limited to ulcerative colitis on the colon. Inflammation and bleeding ulcers form in the superficial layers of the mucous membrane in those affected by ulcerative colitis.

Hyaluronic acid for joints and skin

Hyaluronic Acid is traded as a miracle weapon in Anti Aging. Even with problems with joints, this endogenous substance is used in therapy. No wonder, because hyaluronic acid is a legendary active ingredient with a versatile field of use in the body. From a chemical point of view, hyaluronic acid is a chain of sugar molecules.

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Zucchini - Little sister from the pumpkin

Zucchini have been enjoying great popularity in Germany since the 1980s. And since this vegetable has little taste in itself, it can be prepared in almost all variations. Who does not enjoy a light zucchini salad or a delicious casserole with zucchini, tomatoes and minced meat in the summer?

Sprouts: Health from the windowsill

Fast germinating sprouts of lentils, alfalfa, mung beans & Co. are healthy and delicious. Especially in winter, when there is not much to harvest in the field, in the garden or on the balcony, it is worth breeding a sprout. How you can easily grow sprouts yourself and what healthy ingredients are in them, we explain here.

Psychotropic drugs - rescue or doom?

Substances that affect the central nervous system and thus change perception, mood and behavior have been known since ancient times and were used primarily for cultic and religious purposes. For about 50 years, such "soul-acting" substances, psychotropic drugs, have been used to treat psychiatric disorders.

Feel 10 years younger thanks to muscle training

Through a large number of scientific studies, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that muscle training, regardless of age and gender, can significantly contribute to the promotion of health, well-being, performance and quality of life. We provide you with eight exciting arguments as to why muscle training is so beneficial for your health.


Article Content Obesity Obesity - Causes Obesity - Follow Obesity - Therapy and Treatment Obesity - Prevent Fat Parents, Fat Kids - Doctors sound the alarm. The number of people with a strong overweight continues to rise. Tips on diet and losing weight seem to have little effect.

Minoxidil for hair loss

Content of article Minoxidil against hair loss Side effects of Minoxidil The active substance Minoxidil belongs to the active substance class of the Antihypertensiva. Active substances belonging to this class all have a hypotensive effect. However, Minoxidil is used primarily against hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

Honeydew melon: healthy vitamin bomb

Whether melon, watermelon, cantaloupe melon or Galiamelone - the selection of different types of melons in the supermarket is great. The honeydew melon is easily recognizable by its bright yellow color and is perfect for a refreshing snack, especially on hot summer days: Due to its high water content, this melon has only a few calories (kcal), but still has a fruity aroma and a sweetish taste.

5 tips for a cool apartment despite the heat

First they are longed for and then locked out as far as possible: summer and sun must be well dosed in the living area so that they do not become a burden. From how many degrees the heat is perceived as unpleasant is individually different and depends strongly on the respective activity, the humidity and the air movement (wind).

11 questions about fascia (expert interview)

Faszien - a term that is currently on everyone's lips. But what are fascia and what are they good for? This and other questions answered Faszienforscher Dr. Robert Schleip, human biologist and director of the "Fascia Research Project" of the University of Ulm in our interview. 1. What are fascia? Dr.

Metabolic treatment: Weight loss with globules

The metabolic treatment promises easy weight loss within 21 days - without the feeling of hunger and the yo-yo effect. The metabolic treatment focuses on calorie reduction and the intake of vital substance products. In addition, the pregnancy hormone HCG is used, which, unlike the HCG diet, in the form of globules or homeopathic drops to help you lose weight.

Baby food plan for babies

About half a year after birth, your baby is ready for the first supplement. Breastfeeding alone can not provide the child with enough nutrients. Our complementary diet plan gives you an overview of how your baby's diet changes between the ages of five and ten.

Without hangovers on the slopes

In addition to active winter sports activities, long evenings, loud music, dancing and drinking alcohol at après-ski are a special highlight for many winter sports enthusiasts, rounding off daily skiing in a friendly atmosphere in huts, cafés or night clubs. First alcohol then skiing?


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