Skiing: With helmet, without alcohol

Article content Healthy skiing Skiing: with helmet, without alcohol In addition to physical fitness, other factors in skiing play an important role in getting you back from the piste healthy and well. Easily ends a departure in the hospital instead of at the valley station, if one relies solely on his physical fitness.

Is mussel consumption always harmless?

The traditional recommendation that shells should only be consumed in months with the letter "R" has traditional backgrounds. In our latitudes mussels have season from September to April and are mainly offered from German and Dutch harvest. Mussel poisoning occurs only in hot months (without the letter "R"), because in these months algae bloom and form toxins during flowering.

Living in old age

Content of the article Living in old Living in old age - Other forms of living Sitting in the four walls at the age? Just continue living as before? The two friends Elsa and Uta did not want that and founded a shared flat 10 years ago. Regardless of their families, they wanted to try something completely new.

Soap - The history of soap

Article Content Soap - The History of Soap Soap - Washing becomes modern Soaps are washing-active substances, so-called surfactants. Chemically, they are alkali salts of higher fatty acids, produced from vegetable or animal fats, which are "saponified" with caustic soda. These days, they are mainly used for body cleansing.

The myth of negative calories

What promises a "negative calorie" diet sounds too good to be true: lose weight and achieve the desired weight by doing what is usually regulated in other diets: eating. So-called negative calories (sometimes misleadingly called negative foods) are meant to melt excess kilos by diet, help with weight loss and thus lead to the dream figure.

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Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Vitamin B6 - also called pyridoxine - is a water-soluble vitamin and belongs to the group of B vitamins. Strictly speaking, the term vitamin B6 includes three substances, namely pyridoxol, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine. Vitamin B6 must be supplied to the body from the outside, but it is contained in many foods, so that vitamin B6 deficiency rarely occurs.

Formula diets

Article Content Formula Diets Formula Diets - Advantages and Disadvantages Many people feel too fat and would like to lose weight. There are several ways to get rid of the bacon rolls. One of these is the slimming down with ready-made drinks or powders, also called formula diets, which are manufactured industrially.

Tasty recipes for poultry

Whether rolled roast turkey breast or duck with red wine - we show you how to prepare delicious dishes with poultry itself. Duck breast with red wine and blackberry puree Ingredients for 4 people: 800 g medium potatoes, 2 shallots 1-2 garlic cloves, salt pepper from the grinder, grated nutmeg 150 g whipped cream, 50-100 ml milk 30 g grated Parmesan cheese 4 small German duck breasts (approx.

Iron deficiency: causes and symptoms

Article Content Iron Deficiency: Causes and Symptoms Iron deficiency: endangered groups of persons Iron deficiency is one of the most frequent deficiency symptoms worldwide: Ewa 30 percent, ie more than two billion people, are affected. The risk groups include women in particular. But even the complete renunciation of meat and fish products endangers the supply of the important trace element.

What are REM phases?

About every one and a half hours sleepers fall into a strange state: The heart beats faster, the respiratory rate and blood pressure rise, the eyes wander with their eyelids closed - the REM phase has begun. The discovery of REM sleep is only about 50 years back.

Soups for losing weight

Soups are growing in popularity not only in Germany but throughout Europe. During the lunch break you go to the soup bar today, where you can choose between the most varied types of soup. However, a visit to the soup bar is not only worthwhile for the health conscious, but also for those who are currently dieting.

Barley grass - powder, juice or capsules?

Article Content What makes barley grass a superfood Grow and buy barley grass - this is how it works! 20.8px; "> Anyone who wants to buy barley grass has to decide which shape he likes best, because barley grass is available as powder, barley grass juice, as well as tablets or capsules as well as fresh or processed products.

Women sleep differently

If you roll back and forth forever before your eyes close in the evening, the night can be tormenting. This is especially true for women, because they are significantly more affected by sleep disorders than men. Researchers found that not only is women's sleep easier, but the two sleepers are also more worried about anxiety and worry than men.

Oats as a remedy

Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal, oat bran - the possibilities of using the grain type oats (Avena) for human nutrition are manifold. In the Middle Ages people from oats even brewed beer. Today, this type of grain is used primarily as animal feed for animals, especially horses taste of oats.

Always in order - from turning to crawling to running

Many parents can not wait for their child to run. They would most like to practice running with him before he even crawls. They are actually "hands tied". Because the motor development is a maturing process, which runs according to internal laws. Each baby's pace A feature of early motor development is its large time spread.

Risk pregnancy - what is it?

For most women, being pregnant means a mixture of joy and curiosity, but also concern and anxiety. Every expectant mother hopes that the pregnancy will progress without complications and that the baby will be born healthy. Great is therefore the anxiety when the doctor speaks of a risk pregnancy.

Probiotics - how healthy are probiotic foods?

Microorganisms that protect the intestine, strengthen the immune system and protect against cancer - for several years it is known that these health-promoting germs actually exist: in our gut. They can also be supplied through the diet, especially in yoghurt they are frolicking.

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