Shyness - How Much Is Normal?

Most adults can easily remember the queasy feeling of thinking back to school: the stomach cramped just because they had to talk or sing in front of a larger group. For some children, the threshold is much lower. They blush when a teacher addresses them.

Rice - A low-calorie starter

"May your rice never burn!" is a Chinese New Year's wish. He shows that cereal rice plays an enormous role in the Asian region. In Asia, around 80 percent of the total food is rice, so in many Asian languages ​​even the words food and rice are the same.

This is how cytostatics work

Cytostatic agents are substances that inhibit cell growth and / or cell division. They are primarily used in the context of chemotherapy for cancer. Because cytostatics attack cells that divide quickly. This is the case with cancer cells that multiply through uncontrolled cell division, but also with some healthy body cells.

Diet in multiple sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis, MS for short, is a neurological autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. It is also called the Thousand-Faced Disease, because the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and the course of MS are very different and individual. The exact triggers of MS are so far as well as the MS causes unknown.

Essential amino acids

Article Content Amino Acids - Building Blocks for Life Essential Amino Acids Losing Weight and Building Muscle with Amino Acids Foods are not only used to quench the human hunger sensation, they also supply the body with essential essential amino acids. Therefore, the choice of food is crucial, so that in fact all the required amino acids can be supplied.


Cortisol (cortisone) Cortisone as a drug Side effects of cortisone Cortisone is an endogenous hormone and one of the most well known drugs ever. It is used successfully in a wide variety of diseases, while many people are afraid of possible risks and side effects.

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Do you suffer from chronic constipation?

A hard bowel movement and long-lasting problems with defecation are typical features of a chronic constipation (chronic constipation). In 2006, gastroenterologists summarized typical symptoms of chronic constipation. These symptoms now serve as so-called Rome III criteria for diagnosing chronic constipation.

Watermelons as a healthy refreshment

The watermelon enjoys great popularity, especially in the summer, because on hot days we enjoy the juicy fruit. A high water content and fruity taste make watermelons a healthy refreshment - almost without calories. This melon variety is best eaten fresh and raw, but delicious watermelon recipes such as punch, smoothies or fruit sorbet are the hit at every garden party.

Work-life balance for parents

Compatibility of family and work is not always easy, in everyday life there are often many hurdles to overcome. It requires a comprehensive organization so that parents and children do not lose their balance in an age of stress. Instead of losing time, it is all the more important to win, because it also increases the quality of life - for the entire family.

Fitness trends 2018

In the past in Germany there was no way around the dance training Zumba. Which new fitness trends does the year 2018 hold for us? The popularity of dance workouts in the new year is reflected in new trends such as hot hula. While Zumba dances to Latin American rhythms, Hot Hula relies on reggae and traditional Polynesian drum music.

History of sugar

The predilection for sweets is laid in the cradle of humans: even mother's milk tastes sweet. And the tongue has its own area that tastes sweet. In the past ... While today's industrially produced sugar can be obtained at any time, sweets used to be an expensive rarity. In antiquity, honey was considered the sweet food of the gods, protecting them from disease and prolonging their lives.

The myth of negative calories

What promises a "negative calorie" diet sounds too good to be true: lose weight and achieve the desired weight by doing what is usually regulated in other diets: eating. So-called negative calories (sometimes misleadingly called negative foods) are meant to melt excess kilos by diet, help with weight loss and thus lead to the dream figure.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the best known forms of alternative medicine - and certainly one of the most controversial. Does it work or does it not work? Is it really only possible to approach the decision between homeopathy and conventional medicine with "either ... or ..."? The discussion about Globuli & Co. heats up the mind.

Tips about the mattress

A restful sleep on a suitable mattress is just a dream for many people. Insomnia and sleep disorders are not uncommon. In addition to stress or everyday worries, mattresses can also be triggers for bad sleep. Mattresses are ideal if they can adapt to the body as well as the body shape.


Summer, sun, heat - and the sweat trickles. The safest way to protect yourself from unpleasant odors and unsavory stains under the arms are Deo & Co. But what should be considered? Sweat serves as a temperature compensation to protect the body from overheating. Depending on predisposition and size, a person has two to five million sweat glands.

Functional Food: too much of a good thing?

Strictly speaking, all foods are "functional": they serve the supply of nutrients. The English term functional food by definition refers to new foods that are intended to further promote health and for this purpose are enriched with additional ingredients: minerals, fiber, vitamins, trace elements, microorganisms.

The oral irrigator - a practical helper for dental care

Proper teeth cleaning is essential for good dental health. Especially for cleaning the interdental spaces, an oral irrigator can be a useful helper. Does a mouthwash thus replace the dental floss? And what should be considered when using and cleaning oral irrigators? Here you will find tips on the function and handling of oral showers.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes drive many important biochemical reactions in the body. For example, they convert substances into other substances and break up large molecules. Therefore, enzymes are also referred to as biocatalysts. They develop basic building blocks that are necessary for our body from the food and are involved in the metabolism.


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