Ginkgo helps with lack of concentration

The giant ginkgo tree with the fan-shaped, notched leaves is one of the oldest plant species ever - its ancestors were already on Earth 300 million years ago. No wonder he has always been considered a symbol of hope, longevity, fertility, vitality and invincibility in Asia.

What is a lumbar puncture?

Both brain and spinal cord are surrounded by a liquid protective mantle, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In neuromedicine, it is used as an indicator of potential centers of inflammation within the central nervous system. Malignant diseases, as well as bacterial or viral infections, which can be, for example, triggers for encephalitis, meningitis or Lyme borreliosis, are located in this way.

Aromatherapy - Healing through oils

Aromatherapy - Healing with Oils Essential Oils - Quality and Application Aromatherapy - Tips for Self-Therapy A smell can put us back in time and evoke memories that trigger happiness. As an important pilot in our lives, the sense of smell can also be used in other ways.

Examinations at the gynecologist

Article Content Examinations at the Gynecologist Examinations at the Gynecologist - Basic Diagnosis Examinations at the Gynecologist - Further Examinations Surely there are things a woman would rather do than visit the gynecologist. However, it is also certain that malfunctions can only be detected early on with regular examinations.

The myth of negative calories

What promises a "negative calorie" diet sounds too good to be true: lose weight and achieve the desired weight by doing what is usually regulated in other diets: eating. So-called negative calories (sometimes misleadingly called negative foods) are meant to melt excess kilos by diet, help with weight loss and thus lead to the dream figure.

Tramadol fights severe pain

Tramadol is an analgesic used to combat moderate and severe pain. The active ingredient fights only the symptoms, but not the cause of the pain. Tramadol is available in the form of tablets, drops and suppositories, as well as injections and infusions. Like other painkillers, Tramadol has side effects: It is important to remember that, although this side effect is relatively rare, regular use of Tramadol may cause addiction.

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What are purines?

Purines are substances in foods. They are part of every cell and necessary for the genetic material and the construction of new cells. The breakdown of purines from food produces uric acid. In some people, this can not be excreted in sufficient quantity. This results in too high a uric acid level in the blood, which can lead to deposits in joints and thus to gout.

Herbal help with stomach problems

For many ailments in the digestive tract, nature offers a rich selection of suitable remedies in the form of herbal preparations or tea preparations. Even our grandparents knew proven recipes for gastrointestinal complaints that are still used today. Some medicinal plants have ingredients that specifically target disorders in the digestive system.

Probiotics - how healthy are probiotic foods?

Microorganisms that protect the intestine, strengthen the immune system and protect against cancer - for several years it is known that these health-promoting germs actually exist: in our gut. They can also be supplied through the diet, especially in yoghurt they are frolicking.

Visit to the organic farmer

Most organic farmers market their products themselves. Which means that the products are sold directly on the farm. At first this sounds a bit awkward, after all not everyone has an organic farm around the corner. For the consumer, shopping at the organic farm also has advantages, for example that the goods are cheaper.

Dementia: When driving a car becomes a risk

Motorists with dementia become a risk in road traffic. Already in the early stages of dementia, affected people are no longer reacting as quickly as they used to and can no longer correctly assess distances and speeds. "Personally, I would definitely advise a dementia patient not to continue to drive himself," explains Dr.

Sexuality in old age

Many, especially young people today still consider sexuality to be something that stops when women can no longer have children. They believe that only adolescents can experience erotic tension properly and have a high desire for sexual satisfaction, while all of this diminishes more and more as from middle age, finally ending altogether.

Diet in renal insufficiency

A protein-reduced diet can reduce the concentration of urinary-excreted substances (substances that need to be excreted through the urine) to keep the symptoms at bay and delay the onset of dialysis or kidney transplantation for as long as possible.

Sage - medicinal herb with a nourishing effect

The sage belongs with about 900 different plants to one of the most species-rich genera in the plant world, but only the genuine sage (Salvia officinalis), also gardening, kitchen or healing sage called, finds as a healing and spice plant entrance into our domestic kitchen and Pflanzenapotheke , The Latin name (salvare = cure, salvus = be healthy) indicates the medicinal effect of this herb that has been known since ancient times.

Is salt healthy?

Salt is vital to our body, because without salt, certain bodily functions could not be sustained. However, we should not take too much salt - this is especially true for people with high blood pressure or kidney problems. Otherwise they can cause health problems.

Catnip calms and relaxes

While catnip is for humans at first sight nothing but a plant with pretty flowers, it seems to have a magical effect on cats. As soon as they come close to the fragrant plant, many baby tigers get into a noisy state, rolling on the ground or shredding the leaves.

Do not go swimming after dinner?

Everyone knows the rule after eating, especially after a sumptuous meal, taking a two-hour break before venturing into the cold. If you pass these, stomach cramps and the subsequent drowning death should occur. This advice is wrong. You do not need to do any scientific research to refute this, because when you jog after eating, you do not faint right away.

Healthy living with exercise and sports

Article Content Healthy Living with Exercise and Exercise Exercise and Cardiovascular Diseases Sports and Cancer Exercise for the Musculoskeletal System Regular moderate physical activity is one of the most effective factors to protect against many diseases. It can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life and well-being.


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