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Tooth check before diving holiday: Defective fillings can not withstand the pressure

Conscientious diving tourists check their equipment before the holidays and go to the sports medical examination. But that's not enough. A visit to a dentist is highly recommended by experts, because defective fillings can quickly lead to great pain when diving. Dental problems during the dive "Anyone who had to stop a dive or even a vacation due to a defective filling has had an extremely painful experience", comments Dirk Kropp, Managing Director of proDente, the lack of caution.

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Slim in sleep

Losing weight in your sleep, who does not want that? About half of all Germans are dissatisfied with their weight. You would like to be slim. So it would be a dream to be able to lose weight while sleeping. Good news: It's not a dream, because our body actually burns fat at night, so losing weight in sleep is not a utopia.

Avocado - the healthy calorie bomb

While the avocado was only available a few years ago in selected stores or from the well-stocked greengrocer, today it is part of the standard assortment in almost every supermarket. But what exactly is the avocado? A fruit or vegetables? Or is not she one of the healthy foods because of her high fat content?

Yeast - a small all-rounder

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians used yeast in the production of bread and beer - but without really knowing what mysterious force was helping them with their baking and brewing. This secret was discovered much later by Louis Pasteur: In 1857 he discovered the yeast and its mode of action with the help of the microscope.

Stomach-friendly Christmas

During Advent and Christmas - especially on holidays - we have a lot to offer our stomach. With the amounts of cookies, mulled wine, tunnels, dominoes and roast goose, which we displace every year in December, it is no wonder that our stomach eventually defended itself: bloating, flatulence and heartburn are among the typical consequences of an extensive festive meal.

Fitness trends 2018

In the past in Germany there was no way around the dance training Zumba. Which new fitness trends does the year 2018 hold for us? The popularity of dance workouts in the new year is reflected in new trends such as hot hula. While Zumba dances to Latin American rhythms, Hot Hula relies on reggae and traditional Polynesian drum music.

Amitriptyline: unpleasant side effects

Amitriptyline: effects, dosage and adverse reactions Amitriptyline: Contraindications and Interactions The active substance Amitriptyline is used primarily for the treatment of depression. In addition, he is also suitable for the treatment of chronic pain. Like many other antidepressants, amitriptyline also has side effects.

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Pomelo: mix of grapefruit and grapefruit

In addition to kiwis, pineapples, lemons, oranges and papayas, the fruit counters in Germany have been enriched with pomelo for an exotic fruit for several years. The pomelo, which was first produced in Israel in 1970, is a cross between grapefruit and grapefruit. All three fruits belong to the group of citrus fruits.

Spring time is asparagus time

The season for local asparagus usually begins in mid-April. The power vegetable has only 16 kilocalories per 100 grams of extremely low calories and at the same time contains many vitamins and minerals. Asparagus should now land more often on your plate. However, the accompaniment from the slender asparagus likes to make a fat and cholesterol bomb - plenty of heavy butter sauce, best with scrambled eggs or breaded schnitzel are in Germany quite typical asparagus side dishes.

Quinine-containing drinks are not for pregnant women

Tonic or bitter lemon drinks are labeled "containing quinine". The reason for this is known to very few consumers: Even if the consumption of quinine-containing beverages is unproblematic for the majority of the population, the consumption of larger amounts for individual persons can be a health concern.

Opioids - no effect without side effect

Plasters containing the potent opiate fentanyl are now standard on chronic pain. How the patient tolerates and accepts the therapy, however, depends essentially on whether side effects are treated. Nausea, constipation and dizziness are the most common side effects of opioids.

Musk - king of perfumes

Musk is a legendary perfume, which gives many perfumes their special fragrance. In addition, musk is a coveted natural product for Chinese folk medicine. But what exactly is behind the material? What does musk smell like and where does musk come from? We provide the answers to the most important questions about musk.

Chocolate: Healthy or unhealthy?

Chocolate is available in a variety of flavors. But no matter whether white, dark or milk chocolate - one thing is common to all varieties: Chocolate is not exactly healthy, because it contains a lot of fat and sugar and therefore also many calories. However, cocoa powder also contains certain substances that can have a positive effect on blood pressure and our heart health.


The vegetarian diet is based on the philosopher Pythagoras and includes the teaching that humans should use only or mainly food of plant origin as food. There are various forms of vegetarian diet. There are also different reasons for vegetarianism and advantages and disadvantages of this type of diet.

Is sugar really a nutrient-robber?

Sugary foods should be consumed in moderation as sugar provides many calories but no vital vitamins and minerals. Often one hears the claim that sugar also deprives the body of vitamins and minerals. But is that really true? In particular, vitamin B 1 and calcium should be consumed at high sugar consumption.

Kundalini Yoga: energy through meditation

Kundalini Yoga is one of the numerous sub-forms in yoga. The aim of Kundalini is to release existing blockages in the body, to release energy and to achieve a complete harmonization of the body, the mind and the soul. Kundalini Yoga is one of the dynamic types of yoga. Particular focus is placed on breathing and breathing techniques.

That's in Waldmeister

As the name implies: Waldmeister is at home in the woods. From April, the expert walker can find there green carpets of the fragrant plant. The woodruff owes its wonderful, aromatic fragrance its botanical name Galium odoratum. Translated into the German language this means: scented lab herb.

Ingredients in cosmetics - what the skin reacts to

In most bathrooms, cosmetics are found in a variety of different products. Whether for the face, the hands, the hair or the body, these products have one thing in common: they are used for care and for their own beauty. But some ingredients can cause allergies instead of well-being.

When noise becomes a burden - what to do?

Do you sometimes long in vain for silence because you can not or do not want to "hear" the everyday noise? Do you occasionally bother the music in the department store or in the lift? Are you one of the 70% of Germans complaining about street noise? Or do you have only a few problems with volume, maybe even loud disco music?


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