Sugaring for hair removal

To be as beautiful as a princess from 1001 Nights: Sugaring, a method of hair removal that originated in the Orient and is now becoming increasingly popular in Germany, makes this possible. Allegedly, Kleopatra is said to have freed herself of annoying hairs with the help of a body sugaring.

Ketogenic Diet: What is the Keto Diet?

Article Content Ketogenic Diet: What is the Keto Diet? Ketogenic Diet: Benefits and Risks There are many different trends and trends in low carb diets. One of these diets is receiving increasing attention and importance: the keto diet. Some people want to lose weight using the ketogenic diet, others are convinced that it has a generally positive effect on their health.

Eat healthy at the Christmas market

The Advent and Christmas season is just around the corner - and sweet treats are waiting for us on every corner: Cookies, dominoes, galleries and more are simply part of Christmas time. And at the Christmas market you would like to relinquish a cup of mulled wine or a bag of roasted almonds reluctant.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Tips for Skin and Hair

Apple cider vinegar is a cheap home remedy for the skin and hair. As a rinse, peeling or tonic the vinegar helps against pimples and blemishes as well as greasy hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. Here you will find information on the effects of apple cider vinegar and tips for its application for shiny hair and beautiful skin.

Too little fluid in the elderly

What do you do when you are thirsty? Simple question, easy answer: drink something. But what if the body needs water without signaling it? This is the case with many older people - whether they live at home or in a geriatric care facility. Lack of fluid in old age Dry mouth, dry mucous membranes or loose skin are signs of inadequate hydration.

Diet in gout

Gout, one of today's common diseases, is associated with an unbalanced, meaty diet and alcohol consumption. Gout is among other diseases to the forms of expression of rheumatism. A targeted healthy diet can positively influence the course of gout and even reduce the symptoms of this rheumatic disease.

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Catnip calms and relaxes

While catnip is for humans at first sight nothing but a plant with pretty flowers, it seems to have a magical effect on cats. As soon as they come close to the fragrant plant, many baby tigers get into a noisy state, rolling on the ground or shredding the leaves.

Behavior therapy

While a few years ago, mental illness was still a taboo subject, today more and more open is reported about mental health problems and psychotherapies. In mental illness is often advised to cognitive behavioral therapy. But what is actually behind behavioral therapy?

Contraceptive methods - Mechanical and chemical prevention

Article Content Methods of Contraception Contraceptive Methods - Mechanical and Chemical Contraception Contraceptive Methods - Hormonal Contraception Contraceptive Methods - Natural Contraception Mechanical Contraception These methods use gadgets placed by the gynecologist or yourself, either in the vagina or on the penis, once or over a period of time prevent the sperm from finding their way to the egg.

Nutritional supplement for athletes

Optimal results, important for fat burning, gives the full pump, effective muscle growth - if you believe the promises of relevant catalogs or companies on the Internet, you might come up with the idea that nothing works without sports nutrition. In particular strength athletes put in addition to an intensive training on the intake of dietary supplements.

Nutrition in osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is not just affecting the elderly - though the likelihood of damaged joints carting increases with age. In addition to a hereditary predisposition, there are also factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet, which have made osteoarthritis a widespread disease.

Piercing in the mouth - Dentists say no

Tooth jewelery and tongue piercings, or lip piercings, many young people find "cool" and "chic". But the teeth and gums of those affected should see this differently. A study by US dentists showed already in 2007: While Dazzler (sticking symbols made of gold foil) and Twinkels (massive jewels made of gemstones) are glued superficially on the teeth and are harmless, piercings in the mouth are problematic and damage from a dental point of view in the long run the oral cavity.

Colors and their effect

Each color has a different effect on our psyche and our body, because each color has its own wavelength and energy that is transmitted to our bodies. For example, blue light has a cooling and soothing effect, while red light is warming and stimulating. Characteristics of the most well-known colors Color therapy is becoming more and more popular in which the positive effect of the colors is based on baths, color acupuncture, radiation but also on irradiated foods and drinks.

Relaxation techniques against stress and anxiety

Cancel appointments, switch off the mobile phone and dive into the story of an exciting book on the sofa - this art of relaxation is dominated by fewer and fewer people. Whoever is energized all day loses the ability to switch off at some point. That can take revenge. Stress and overwork are among the most common causes of anxiety disorders.

Fast food

Fast food and the "American way of life" are closely linked in the ideas of many people. The first precursors of the modern fast-food restaurant were already found during excavations in Pompeii: warm food for quick consumption could already be bought in antiquity on many street corners.

What is sorbitol (sorbitol)?

Sorbitol belongs as well as mannitol, lactitol or xylitol to the group of sugar alcohols. It is used as a sugar substitute in many industrially manufactured foods. Sorbitol is only about half as sweet as sucrose (table sugar) and also contains significantly fewer calories. However, sorbitol is not well tolerated by everyone - more and more people suffer from sorbitol tolerance.

Vitamins of the B complex

Without the B vitamins, nerves, skin, hair and blood could no longer properly perform their normal tasks. Deficiencies must therefore be compensated. Learn more about vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin Bs (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B12 (cobalamin) as well as pantothenic acid and biotin.

Thyme not only helps against coughing

Thyme can not only be used in the kitchen to refine various dishes, but also helps with health problems such as a cold. The herb is particularly well suited for releasing tight coughs. That is why thyme is used in various cough syrups.


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