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Running for beginners - this is the ideal way to get started within 2 weeks

Article content Running for beginners - this is the ideal way to get started within 2 weeks Running for beginners - Part 2 You see them everywhere: Joggers, who walk through parks, forests, meadows and inner cities as if there was nothing there. You have only watched them jealously so far? No problem, because our entry-level plan will be yours in just two weeks.

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Zucchini - Little sister from the pumpkin

Zucchini have been enjoying great popularity in Germany since the 1980s. And since this vegetable has little taste in itself, it can be prepared in almost all variations. Who does not enjoy a light zucchini salad or a delicious casserole with zucchini, tomatoes and minced meat in the summer?

Orlistat: Over-the-counter support for weight loss

The active substance orlistat is used to treat severe obesity. It reduces the absorption of fat from the diet and thereby supports weight loss. Orlistat should only be used in conjunction with a reduced-fat diet, as it can lead to more side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and greasy bowel movements.

Almonds - in moderation healthy

The scent of roasted almonds is inextricably linked to the advent season: Burnt almonds are a winter classic that should not be missing on any Christmas market. However, roasted almonds - just like almonds in general - contain many calories and should only be consumed in moderation. In small amounts almonds are even healthy, as they have some valuable ingredients.

Tips for beautiful skin 11-20

Content of article Tips for beautiful skin 1-10 Tips for beautiful skin 11-20 Tips for beautiful skin 21-32 11. Vitamin C revives the skin Taut skin gets revived with vitamin C. Contained in creams, it stimulates the formation of the skin's own collagen fibers and also stimulates cell metabolism.

How much body fat is normal?

Content of the article Reduce Body Fat Calculate Body Fat The body fat indicates the percentage of fat in the body. If the proportion is too high, this may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis. In such a case, the body fat should be reduced - best by a calorie-reduced diet and enough exercise.

Leeches, maggots & Co. for medical treatment

Maggots, worms and leeches are not exactly the pets that you keep. But in medicine, they are enjoying increasing popularity. As a natural cleansing command, they are supposed to clean wounds, clean up the intestines and activate the immune system. Much disgust, few side effects Treatment practices of our ancestors and effective therapy methods in modern medicine: fly maggots in wounds, leeches on the skin for venous disorders and rheumatic complaints, worm eggs for drinking in chronic intestinal diseases - which sounds unappetizing, brings in many cases a resounding success.

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Fit thanks to beach volleyball

For those who want to combine fitness and beach, the Sport beach volleyball is the ideal choice. The classic beachfront sports comes from California and has been an Olympic discipline since 1996. No other sport combines technique, athleticism, fitness and fun as well as beach volleyball.

How much iron is really in the spinach?

Some misunderstandings change the lives of thousands of people. And surely as a child you always had to hear that you should eat your spinach, because it contains so much iron, right? But this is a mistake: one hundred years ago, someone wasted a decimal place when writing a nutritional value table.

Maple syrup

Content Maple Syrup Maple Syrup - Grade, Diet and Effects Maple syrup is one of the oldest and most natural natural products available. Maple syrup is tapped today from the Canadian maple trees, as it was hundreds of years ago. The secret of the trees had been copied by the first white settlers of the Native Americans.

Men's health - The masculine imperative

Article Content Men's Health - The Masculine Imperative Men's Health - Men do not get sick - right? Men's Health - Health Education for Men Typically male - where does it come from? At the time of the Neanderthal, it meant hunting mammoths and building caves. Therefore, the men of the Neanderthal and all the other valleys, mountains and plains had to be especially strong, courageous and willing to take risks.

Phosphorus in the diet

Phosphorus is an important mineral that is taken up by food as phosphate. Together with calcium, it ensures the strength of bones and teeth, plays a role in the generation of energy, in building cell walls and as a buffer substance in the blood. Phosphorus has many functions in the human body, its importance since the beginning of the 20th century.

Training plan for a marathon

A marathon means for the body to perform at its best. They should therefore have been running regularly for at least one, better two years, and have good physical fitness to reach the goal of running marathons. It is advisable to carry out the training consistently and according to a fixed training plan for the marathon.

Do you suffer from chronic constipation?

A hard bowel movement and long-lasting problems with defecation are typical features of a chronic constipation (chronic constipation). In 2006, gastroenterologists summarized typical symptoms of chronic constipation. These symptoms now serve as so-called Rome III criteria for diagnosing chronic constipation.

What are purines?

Purines are substances in foods. They are part of every cell and necessary for the genetic material and the construction of new cells. The breakdown of purines from food produces uric acid. In some people, this can not be excreted in sufficient quantity. This results in too high a uric acid level in the blood, which can lead to deposits in joints and thus to gout.


Gastroscopy is used for persistent complaints in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. The physician can diagnose diseases such as gastric or duodenal ulcer, Helicobacter pylori infection, or upper digestive tract bleeding.

What is soda?

Sodium bicarbonate is used to treat diseases caused by excessive acidity in the body. The white powder ensures that the acids are neutralized and the pH of the blood increases. In the past, soda was also used to treat heartburn, but this approach is now obsolete.

22 tips for proper nail care

Many people look at their fellow human beings first on the hands and fingernails. It is all the more important to maintain your nails regularly. Here are 22 valuable tips for hand and nail care. With these tips, you are up to date on how to properly maintain and cleanse his fingernails.

Cold in the summer

Cold and cold in the warm season? Nonsense, you have to expect only in the winter, many think and wonder when following a sunny day in the swimming pool a never-ending "Hatschi". Because even in the sunny season, cold viruses lurking on us. Summer can cause stress for the body Strong temperature fluctuations, physical exertion in the summer heat or sunburn often overwhelm our immune system.


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