Green asparagus: low-calorie enjoyment

Asparagus is one of the most popular vegetable varieties in Germany and is considered a delicacy in many countries of the world. In this country widespread is the white asparagus. There are also green asparagus and purple asparagus. Compared to its white and purple relatives, the green asparagus is characterized by a more intense savory taste.

Ointments, creams and patches

Especially skin diseases are treated externally. Ointments, creams, lotions, solutions, powders, medicated patches or gels contain active ingredients that either act on the surface of the skin or penetrate the skin depending on the preparation - depending on whether the preparation is thick and greasy or thin and watery.

Healthy living from A to Z

Content Healthy Living from A to Z Healthy Living from A to Z - Part 2 We spend about 80 to 90 percent of the day indoors - most of it in our own four walls. Healthy living conditions in the home are therefore important for well-being and health. Asbestos Asbestos has been banned in Germany since 1993 - but earlier it was used universally and was considered a miracle cure.

Kundalini Yoga: energy through meditation

Kundalini Yoga is one of the numerous sub-forms in yoga. The aim of Kundalini is to release existing blockages in the body, to release energy and to achieve a complete harmonization of the body, the mind and the soul. Kundalini Yoga is one of the dynamic types of yoga. Particular focus is placed on breathing and breathing techniques.

Pesto - healthy pleasure from Italy

Fresh from basil, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic and olive oil, pesto is a classic recipe of Italian cuisine. Pesto is both tasty and quick and easy to prepare. Meanwhile, both the classic pesto and various variants such as Pesto Rosso or pesto wild garlic has conquered German cuisine.

10 medicinal plants for a healthy skin

They grow modestly on the wayside, on forest and meadows, look small and inconspicuous. But in many plants, flowers and herbs are healing powers that not only promote good health, but also make it beautiful. Applied in creams, masks or lotions, many medicinal plants can conjure a radiant complexion.

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11 questions about fascia (expert interview)

Faszien - a term that is currently on everyone's lips. But what are fascia and what are they good for? This and other questions answered Faszienforscher Dr. Robert Schleip, human biologist and director of the "Fascia Research Project" of the University of Ulm in our interview. 1. What are fascia? Dr.

Sweaty feet: That helps!

Almost a third of Germans complain of sweaty feet - men are significantly more affected than women. But what helps against bad-smelling feet? An important role is played by choosing the right socks and shoes. In addition, a careful foot care is important to combat sweaty feet.

Olive oil - cultural property with a certain extra

Shady olive groves have shaped the landscape throughout the Mediterranean for centuries. Most of them now know that their fruits are healthy as an important part of Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to taste and versatility probably one of the reasons why olive oil is becoming increasingly popular and has also found its way into our kitchen.

Hemp oil and camelina oil

It's not the weather, the genes or the lifestyle. The reason why Eskimos and Japanese are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than Europeans is their diet. Because of their fish-rich diet, they consume significantly more omega-3 fatty acids and thus protect their heart.

Lactose as a perfect source of energy

Milk sugar is the natural carbohydrate of milk. Around 4.7 percent are contained in whole milk, 4.8 percent in low-fat milk (1.5 percent fat). Milk sugar is broken down about four times more slowly and is introduced into the metabolism as an energy source as table sugar. For many everyday situations, for example, the office job, this is an advantage: Rarely a quick "energy injection" is needed.

Barley: Rich in fiber

In addition to wheat, rye and oats, barley is one of the best-known cereals. Just like the other three cereals, she belongs to the family of sweet grasses. During a walk through golden yellow summer fields, you can distinguish the barley from its relatives usually good: Compared to wheat and rye, it has particularly long awns that can be up to 15 inches long.

Intensive care unit

Article content Intensive Care Unit Intensive Care Unit: What does an intensive care unit look like? Intensive Care Unit: What do relatives still want to know? Not only an intensive care, but also an intensive experience for those affected and relatives: As scary the apparatus appear and disturbing the constant activity act, so vital are the monitoring and therapy in the intensive care unit for the patient.

An overview of the best teas

Even in the Middle Ages, tea was not only a popular drink, but was also frequently used in medicine because of its healing properties. Traditional teas such as black, green or even white tea have always been the preferred stimulants of humanity alongside coffee.

Exercise - an important protection factor for our health

What is important to stay healthy? After that, 30,000 workers were recently asked in a study. "Lots of exercise" was one of the four most common answers, and other top rankings included recommendations such as "enough sleep," "well-balanced diet," and "self-satisfaction." Long sitting hurts health It's obvious that physical activity boosts health.

Acids and bases: In the equilibrium of the ions

Actually, the acid-base balance of the human body is balanced. But in case of wrong lifestyle, the interaction can get out of balance. Malaise, depression, or even physical illnesses can be the result. Acid, base and pH Acids and bases are present in the human body.


Summer, sun, heat - and the sweat trickles. The safest way to protect yourself from unpleasant odors and unsavory stains under the arms are Deo & Co. But what should be considered? Sweat serves as a temperature compensation to protect the body from overheating. Depending on predisposition and size, a person has two to five million sweat glands.

60-30-10: Ideal for the lunch break

Lead fatigue in the workplace? A simple rule helps to circumvent the performance low. At lunchtime bring top performance? Bad timing. For creativity and concentration peak in most of us between ten and eleven o'clock. After that, the power curve drops and the body needs a break.


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